Mathew Alderson

Mathew是一名国际交易律师和企业顾问,专注于娱乐、技术和创意产业。Mathew被Variety杂志描述为 "改变游戏规则的律师",他在北京领导我们的中国办公室和媒体及娱乐业务。他代表主要的好莱坞电影公司和制片人参与电影和电视项目。Mathew的客户还包括科技公司、促销员和活动管理公司、建筑公司、大学和出版商。



在20世纪80年代初,美国空军委托著名汉学家Lucian Pye撰写一份关于中国人如何与外国人谈判的报告。该报告于1982年出版,名为《中国商业谈判风格》。基于对从事中国贸易的外国人的广泛采访,Pye的论文分析了中国人与外国商人的谈判风格。Pye的








在中国制造的东西 - 一个中国工厂主的提示

让我告诉你我在中国的一个欧洲朋友的情况。好吧,他不是真的在中国。现在他在泰国。像许多外籍人士一样,他在边境关闭之前去那里快速度假,由于病毒的旅行限制,他已经被困了几个月了。 我的朋友希望匿名。我们只是

China factory due diligence

How to Manage a Chinese Factory

Many Chinese factories are hurting right now. Badly. This should come as no surprise. First they went through months of closures due to the coronavirus, and just when they opened they faced massively reduced demand. Chinese factories are closing left and right and many of those that are open are facing reduced demand and falling

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China Streaming or China Dreaming? The Outlook for Foreign VOD

The numbers coming out of China continue to amaze. There are 855 million digital consumers in China and they have more than twice as many internet users as the US has people. The Chinese are spending an average of 358 minutes per day online. They spend 8% of their online time streaming video content. A

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Foreigners Win 68% of Cases in Beijing IP Court: How to Use This to YOUR Advantage

Many foreign IP owners doing business in or with China do not believe the Chinese court system works. They or their foreign lawyers therefore tend to choose foreign law and jurisdiction in their contracts. When this results in contracts that are unenforceable against a Chinese party, everyone blames the Chinese. The prophesy about the lack

China entertainment lawyer

China Video Streaming — 10 Top Trends

The pace of change is so rapid that it’s always hard to keep up with developments in China. What made sense last month often makes no sense this month. Here’s my attempt to make sense of what’s going on in video streaming right now. 1. More subscribers As recently as four or five years ago

China Online Gaming Lawyers

Foreign Access to China’s Online Gaming Industry

Online gaming in China is subject to the same overall regulatory framework that applies to software as a service (SaaS) in China. The regulatory framework comprises no less than a dozen key components that have developed over the past twenty years or so. The development has not evolved neatly. Earlier regulations have not been comprehensively