4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July from all of us here at the Psychedelics Law Blog! We hope you have a fun, safe and not-too-hot holiday with family and friends. We will be back soon with our regular programming.

oregon psilocybin

Oregon Psilocybin: Preparing for the End of Local Ownership Rules

Oregon’s rule limiting the non-resident ownership of licensed psilocybin businesses sunsets on December 31, 2024. That’s a little over six months away. Six months is not that long, especially in the context of getting to know an industry or a business, and putting a thoughtful deal together– one that will generate reasonable returns for an

mdma ecstacy

FDA Grants Priority Status to New MDMA Drug

A new age for psychedelics We are on the verge of a psychedelic renaissance, with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) accepting a new drug application for midmafetamine (MDMA) in February of this year. MDMA the active ingredient in the common party drug “ecstasy” or “molly”. If approved, the drug would be used to treat

psychedelics military

Psychedelics and the Military: An Unlikely Alliance

Despite decades of stigma and legal barriers, recent years have brought a profound shift in attitudes towards psychedelics. Driven by scientific inquiry and a growing recognition of their potential therapeutic benefits, the benefits of psychedelics are being explored. In this blog post, we explore the impact of an unexpected catalyst driving progress in psychedelics research–

sb 1570 arizona

Arizona’s Psilocybin Legislation

Psilocybin’s therapeutic renaissance Once relegated to the realm of recreational drug use, psilocybin is now at the forefront of a discussion on the potential therapeutic benefits of psychedelics. Arizona is the latest state to take up the discourse: its proposed Senate Bill 1570 (SB 1570) would establish licensed psychedelic-assisted therapy centers, and advance scientific research


Oregon Ketamine Clinics: New Potential Restrictions on Corporate Practice of Medicine

Should private equity be involved in health care? If so, in what types of settings? And to what extent? These are baseline considerations around a broad concept referred to as “corporate practice of medicine” (“CPOM”) that state legislatures, agencies, medical licensing boards, courts and attorneys general and grappled with for over a century. The Oregon

dangers of ketamine

The Dangers of Ketamine Revisited

As most people know by now, ketamine clinics are prevalent in the United States. These clinics offer ketamine as a treatment for a variety of disorders, including pain relief, behavioral health disorders, opiate addiction, and many other ailments. Unfortunately, there are not many studies that demonstrate whether ketamine is efficacious for these various ailments because,

psychedelic assisted therapy

California Bill Proposes Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Workgroup

California recently failed at least twice in passing sweeping statewide psychedelic decriminalization bills: a) SB-58, which Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed last year, and b) SB-519, which didn’t garner enough support in the assembly the year before. It’s now trying something much more modest – convening a workgroup to study psychedelic assisted therapy. The bill at

fda ketamine

A Closer Look at the FDA Warnings on Compounded Ketamine

On February 16, 2022 and October 10, 2023, the FDA issued two warnings about the use of compounded ketamine. The first warning is entitled, “FDA alerts health care professionals of potential risks associated with compounded ketamine nasal spray,” and the second warning is entitled, “FDA warns patients and health care providers about potential risks associated

oregon psilocybin 2023

Oregon Psilocybin: State of the State (2023)

It’s hard to believe that we are wrapping up the first year of the Oregon Psilocybin Services (OPS) program. Final rules were released at this time last year, following a protracted, two-year development period. The application window for licenses opened timely on January 2, 2023, and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) continues to administer this