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Leverage our deep knowledge of different legal systems, as well as the unique cultural, political, and commercial realities in which they exist

 IP (Intellectual Property) solutions that can provide your company with a critical advantage in securing and enforcing trademarks and numerous intellectual property rights around the world.

Our law firm’s attorneys possess a comprehensive understanding of trademark and copyright systems around the world, offering our clients a global perspective that is essential when registering and enforcing trademarks internationally

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Cultural Understanding and Multilingual Proficiency

Cultural Understanding and Multilingual Proficiency

Understanding the cultural fabric of a country is paramount in international IP law. At Harris Sliwoski, our team of multicultural, multilingual attorneys provides our clients with a significant advantage in expertly navigating unique, culturally influenced legal systems. Our attorneys’ understanding goes beyond mere translation; our fluency in local customs, traditions, and business etiquette gives our clients an edge over the competition.

Successful trademark and intellectual property rights (IPR) registration and enforcement depend on the ability to communicate effectively across diverse cultures. Harris Sliwoski attorneys’ multinational acumen is well-positioned for positive outcomes. Discerning potential hurdles is essential when registering IPR. Harris Sliwoski offers insights into specific commercial and political landscapes, from local business competition to evolving government regulations. Our extensive global presence enables us to anticipate challenges, helping our clients make well-informed, strategic decisions to protect their trademarks and intellectual property.

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Global Presence and Local Expertise

Our global network of experienced lawyers, based in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and Latin America, exemplifies our reach and steadfast commitment to offering our clients unparalleled legal support in international trademark and intellectual property law. Harris Sliwoski lawyers in these key regions provide significant advantages, including real-time assistance, local knowledge, and on-the-ground support, which are critical for navigating the complex and multifaceted landscape of international law.

Our attorneys are experts in the legal frameworks of their respective locations and bring a deep understanding of local business environments, cultural nuances, and political climates. These details are often crucial to successful IP protection and enforcement.

Full-Service Planning for Intellectual Property & Trademark Laws

Comprehensive and Cohesive Intellectual Property Strategies

By leveraging our global network, Harris Sliwoski ensures that our clients’ intellectual property strategies are comprehensive, cohesive, and customized to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of each country. We stand with our clients throughout the IP lifecycle, managing the continuity and coordination of trademark and IP portfolios across complex and diverse timelines, legal procedures, and renewal processes.

We provide clients with centralized trademark portfolio management, resulting in cost-efficient peace of mind. Harris Sliwoski’s unmatched legal expertise, cultural insights, and strategic portfolio management protect and leverage our clients’ brands on the international stage.

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Harris Sliwoski’s Trademark Services 

Looking for an international trademark lawyer? Our lawyers in the United States, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, China, and Australia, are proficient in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, and many other languages. Our wide-ranging geographic presence coupled with our linguistic abilities enable us to deliver services that seamlessly integrate legal expertise with cultural understanding and clear communication. 

  1. Trademark Searches: Harris Sliwoski provides comprehensive trademark searches across relevant locations. This process involves a meticulous examination of databases, industry sources, and local business registries, a task made efficient by our multilingual team.  
  2. Filing and Prosecution: Our attorneys use their collective experience accumulated over decades to design efficient prosecution strategies tailored to the needs of our clients. 
  3. Portfolio Management: Global trademark portfolio management requires diligent monitoring of renewal dates, legal procedures, and jurisdiction-specific nuances. Our international team, fluent in multiple languages and experienced in local legal norms, keeps a vigilant eye on these integral details, ensuring our clients’ timely registration renewals and maintenance in accordance with the respective local laws and timelines, while keeping you informed in your language of preference.
  4. Infringement Actions: When trademark rights are infringed upon, immediate and decisive action is essential. Our multilingual team stands ready to assist you with a range of dispute resolution strategies. With attorneys around the world, we can react swiftly and effectively to infringement actions, ensuring that our client’s rights are communicated clearly and understood fully, regardless of where the infringement takes place. 
  5. Strategic Counseling: Our globally positioned legal team, enriched by unique insights from local markets and powered by multilingual capabilities, brings together a comprehensive multi-national business minded framework. Your attorney at Harris Sliwoski will craft a potent, global, trademark protection strategy that is specifically tailored to the demands of your business goals and budget with the intricacies of relevant international law in mind.   We will work closely with you, communicating in your preferred language, to comprehend your vision and your goals, and to devise a bespoke, practical strategy for your brand protection. 
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Frederic Rocafort, a seasoned attorney who spent many years working in the trenches of the fight against counterfeits, leads our International Trademarks Practice. Fluent in English, Spanish, and Chinese, Fred’s language skills and cultural understanding are a tremendous asset in a complex area of law that requires communication across borders and an understanding of various countries.  

Fred’s career has spanned continents, with his journey in international law beginning with a degree from the Notre Dame Law School, continuing with service as a U.S. diplomat, and then in the private sector in Hong Kong and Mainland China. This diverse international experience has provided him with a rich perspective and broad understanding of global legal systems. 

Fred’s leadership style, founded on this platform of wide-ranging experience and linguistic capabilities, has played a crucial role in shaping our firm’s approach to international trademark law. He emphasizes the necessity of understanding the legal, cultural, and business context of our client’s operations, enabling Harris Sliwoski to offer bespoke legal solutions that reflect a deep appreciation of our clients’ unique circumstances. 

Under Fred’s leadership, our International Trademarks Practice is prepared to go above and beyond to ensure that your brand is protected, wherever your business takes you. Our team is equipped to navigate the nuanced landscape of international trademark registration, infringement disputes, portfolio management, and strategic advice. We believe that our global perspective, guided by Fred’s leadership, can be a significant asset to your business’s international growth and success. 

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International Trademark Law Practice  

We understand that securing and enforcing international trademarks is paramount to your global brand strategy; Harris Sliwoski offers a holistic, comprehensive international trademark package to guide and support our clients through registration, management, infringement disputes, portfolio strategies, and more. 

Why Secure Trademarks in Foreign Countries? 

Today’s global market requires that businesses cater to customers while encountering transnational competition. As your business establishes a global reach, it becomes critical to ensure that your brand is well protected internationally by:

  1. Protecting Against Unauthorized Use: Registering a trademark in a foreign country provides exclusive rights within that country, such as safeguarding against unauthorized use, imitation, or misappropriation of your brand by third parties. International registration of your trademark helps prevent such misuse and ensures that your brand maintains its unique identity and hard-earned reputation.
  2. Preserving Legal Recourse: Registered trademarks provide the legal basis to challenge potential brand infringement in the foreign market. Strong legal standing is indispensable for maintaining the brand integrity, reputation, and recognition. Infringement comes in many forms, from counterfeiting to online domain disputes; registering your trademark in target countries provides a solid and straightforward foundation for litigation, should the need arise.
  3. Adding Brand Value: Trademarks are more than just symbols, names, or logos. They are tangible assets that contribute to your business’s value. By enhancing brand recognition, fostering customer trust, and boosting customer loyalty, trademarks directly affect sales and revenue. Trademarks also play a significant role in business valuations, investment decisions, and merger and acquisition negotiations. Registering a trademark in international markets can add to your company’s value and commercial potential.
  4. Adding Global Brand Recognition: Global brand recognition can profoundly influence consumer purchasing decisions. A registered trademark assures customers that the product or service they are buying is genuine and meets the exacting standards they have come to expect and communicates a commitment to protecting consumers against counterfeit and subpar goods.
  5. Providing Proactive Expansion Strategy: Even if your business does not plan to enter new markets immediately, registering your trademark in potential future markets is often a wise business strategy. It ensures that when you decide to expand, your trademark is already protected. This proactive strategy can prevent costly and complex legal disputes down the line, offering smoother transition when you decide to expand your business operations internationally. 

Securing trademarks in foreign countries is more than just a defensive move for brand protection; it is a sound and proactive business strategy that can improve your business’s commercial success, reputation, and longevity; let our attorneys at Harris Sliwoski can guide your business through the process.

Tailored and Strategic International Trademark Registration 

Today’s global economy means that protecting your brand across international borders is more crucial than ever. To successfully navigate this landscape, businesses can adopt several strategies to safeguard their trademarks internationally: 

  1. National Applications: This approach requires an in-depth understanding of local laws and procedures, and often makes sense if the trademark need only be secure in limited countries. A national trademark is tailored and focused, allowing for close monitoring in each country to reduce risks of rejection or infringement. For example, many Asian countries require trademark registration even if manufacturing is the sole interaction the brand has with the country, and additional nuances are present in trademark registration in China. Harris Sliwoski attorneys understand the strategic, yet subtle differences that will both protect, and set your brand apart, on the international stage. 
  2. Madrid System: For businesses with a broad global footprint, the Madrid System, overseen by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), can offer a more streamlined, cost-effective strategy. Serving as a one-stop solution for registering and managing trademarks worldwide, the Madrid System simplifies the process by allowing for a single application in one language, accompanied by one set of fees. This application can be used to request protection in up to 124 member countries, making it a significantly more efficient choice if your business operates in multiple countries. By minimizing bureaucracy and providing centralized management, the Madrid System is particularly attractive to businesses looking to optimize their trademark protection efforts on a global scale. 
  3. European Union Trademark (EUTM): For businesses operating within the European Union, another strategic option is to register a European Union mark (EUTM). The EUTM allows trademark owners to secure protection across all 27 EU member states via a single application. Given the interconnectedness of the EU’s internal market, this strategy is not just cost-effective, but also valuable for businesses aiming to establish a strong brand presence across the entire European bloc. By leveraging the EUTM, businesses can eliminate the need to pursue individual national registrations within the EU, thereby achieving substantial time and cost efficiencies. Our trademark lawyers based in Madrid can make this filing more efficient and cost effective.  
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FAQs on International IP Registrations and Protections

International IP Expertise
What makes Harris Sliwoski unique in handling international trademark law?

Harris Sliwoski stands out due to our deep understanding of the cultural, political, and commercial nuances of trademark law across various countries. Rooted in diverse cultures and fluent in multiple languages, our team of legal experts offers unparalleled expertise in navigating the complexities of international intellectual property rights protection and enforcement.

Global Trademark Search and Registration
How do you approach trademark searches and registrations in foreign countries?

We conduct comprehensive trademark searches by examining databases, industry sources, and local business registries in the target countries. Our multilingual attorneys tailor prosecution strategies to each client’s needs, ensuring adherence to local laws and maximizing the chances of successful registration.

International Trademark Registration Fees and Costs
Can you explain the fees and costs associated with international trademark registration?

Fees for international trademark registration vary by country and the number of classes of goods or services you are registering. Our firm charges a base legal fee for our services, plus the official filing fees required by each country. We provide detailed cost estimates upfront, including our fees and anticipated disbursements, to ensure transparency. We charge a flat fee for most trademark filings.

Madrid System Benefits
What is the Madrid System, and how can it help my business?

The Madrid System allows for the filing of a single application to register a trademark in over 120 countries simultaneously. It helps businesses looking for a cost-effective and streamlined process to protect their trademarks globally, minimizing the need for multiple, separate national applications.

Foreign Country Trademark Infringements
How does Harris Sliwoski handle trademark infringements in foreign markets?

Our global presence and local expertise enable us to swiftly address infringements. We assess the situation, advise on the best course of action, and pursue enforcement through negotiation, administrative actions, or litigation, depending on the country and the specifics of the case.

Global Trademark Portfolio Management
What strategies does your firm employ for managing a global trademark portfolio?

We offer centralized management of your trademark portfolio, tracking renewal deadlines, legal changes, and potential conflicts across all countries. Our approach ensures cohesive strategy implementation, efficiency, and cost savings for our clients.

Avoiding Hidden Costs
Are there any hidden costs I should be aware of when registering a trademark internationally?

Our policy is to be transparent about potential costs. Beyond our fees and official filing fees, costs may include expenses for responding to office actions, translation services, and renewing registrations. We strive to inform clients about these possibilities as early as possible.

Trademark Registration Timelines
What is the typical timeline for international trademark registration?

Timelines vary by country but registering a trademark through the Madrid System typically takes about 12 months. Direct filings in specific countries might have different timelines, influenced by local procedures and any office actions issued.

EU Trademark Protection
How can I protect my trademark in the European Union efficiently?

The European Union Trademark (EUTM) provides protection in all 27 EU member states through a single application. It is a cost-effective way to achieve broad protection, and our attorneys can facilitate this process efficiently, leveraging their expertise and local presence.

Proactive Expansion Strategy
What should I do if I plan to expand my business and enter new markets in the future?

A proactive strategy is to secure trademark protection in potential markets ahead of your actual expansion. This foresight prevents conflicts and ensures your brand is safeguarded as you grow. We can help you identify key markets and devise a strategic plan for securing your trademarks internationally.

Cultural Influences on Trademark Disputes
How does cultural understanding influence international trademark disputes?

Cultural subtleties can significantly impact the interpretation of trademark laws and the outcome of disputes. Our team’s cultural understanding and language proficiency position us to navigate these nuances, ensuring that our legal strategies are legally sound and culturally informed. This approach enhances our ability to negotiate settlements and present cases effectively in international jurisdictions.

Domain Name and Digital Trademark Disputes
Can Harris Sliwoski help with domain name disputes and digital trademarks?

Yes, our firm is well-equipped to handle disputes related to domain names and digital trademarks, including issues arising under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) and other applicable laws. Our attorneys can advise on the best strategy to protect your digital assets and pursue action against cybersquatting or other forms of online infringement.

The Importance of Trademark Searches
What is the importance of conducting a trademark search before filing for registration?

Conducting a comprehensive trademark search is crucial to identify potential conflicts with existing trademarks. This step can prevent the costly and time-consuming process of rebranding or legal disputes after you have already invested in a trademark. Our searches aim to ensure that your chosen mark is available for use and registration, minimizing the risk of opposition or infringement claims.

Prioritizing Trademark Registration Jurisdictions
How do you prioritize countries or regions for trademark registration for a business looking to go global?

Prioritizing countries for trademark registration depends on several factors, including your current market presence, expansion plans, and the strategic importance of certain regions to your business. We also consider the likelihood of counterfeiting or infringement in specific countries. Our team works closely with you to understand your business goals and tailor a trademark registration strategy that aligns with your priorities and budget.

International Trademark Maintenance
Are there any maintenance requirements for trademarks once they are registered internationally?

Yes, trademarks typically require periodic renewals, and some countries may have use requirements or declarations to maintain the registration’s validity. Our firm manages these maintenance tasks on your behalf, ensuring that your trademarks remain protected and compliant with local laws.

The Advantage of Having Lawyers in Key Regions
How does your having lawyers in key regions around the world, like Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America, benefit help my international trademark strategy?

Our global footprint, including lawyers in critical regions such as Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America, empowers us to provide localized legal guidance that is attuned to the specific requirements and challenges of each country. This means we can efficiently manage your trademark portfolio across multiple countries, ensuring that your IP strategy is aligned with local laws, business practices, and cultural nuances. Our attorneys’ local expertise enhances the precision and effectiveness of your international IP protection efforts, making Harris Sliwoski a truly global partner in your brand’s growth and security.

EU Trademark Expertise
What advantages does your firm's presence in Europe offer to businesses looking to protect their trademarks in the European Union?

Our presence in Europe places us in an advantageous position to navigate the European Union’s trademark system. The European Union Trademark (EUTM) provides protection across all 27 EU member states through a single application, and our Europe-based team focuses on these filings. This strategic location enables us to offer direct, efficient services for EUTM registrations, providing a cost-effective solution for comprehensive coverage in one of the world’s most significant markets. Our local expertise means we are well-equipped to handle the nuances of EU trademark law, offering you a seamless experience as you secure and manage your brand’s presence in Europe.

Leveraging Technology in International IP Management
How does Harris Sliwoski leverage technology in managing international IP portfolios?

At Harris Sliwoski, we employ the latest technology to streamline the management of international IP portfolios. Our use of advanced software and databases allows for efficient tracking of application statuses, renewal deadlines, and legal changes across jurisdictions. This technology enables us to provide our clients with real-time updates and comprehensive analytics on their IP assets, ensuring a proactive approach to intellectual property management and protection.

Harris Sliwoski offers legal solutions and strategic business support, bolstered by an extensive global presence, deep local insights, and a multilingual team. We are committed to safeguarding your trademarks, reinforcing your brand integrity, and fueling your global business ambitions. Our global perspective, combined with local knowledge and multilingual expertise in key locations equips us to guide you smoothly through the maze of international trademark law. 

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Our Clients' Successes

“Harris Sliwoski expertly guided us through the formation of our company. They continue to assist with necessary registrations and compliance with numerous regulations. They were able to promptly answer all our many questions and provide understandable options, explanations and practical advice. We expect to continue to use Harris Sliwoski on a regular basis as our company expands. They were also able to introduce us other professional experts. We would not hesitate to recommend Harris Sliwoski to any companies in need of legal advice.”

user icon Three Continents Foods LLC

This law firm was a huge help as our company went through the process of commercial licensing in the California cannabis industry.  They have helped us with a variety of legal issues in a timely fashion, while clearly communicating with us throughout the process.  Everyone we’ve worked with at Harris Sliwoski is an expert in their field and we have always felt that we were in good hands through our legal representation.

user icon Wil Crummer, CEO PRO Farms

Legal stuff is always scary. And I’ve had to play offense a couple times, begrudgingly. To have Harris Sliwoski have my back? It made things a lot less prickly. They quickly walked me through my options, and were refreshingly consistent in their communications, timing and billing. I’ve been lucky to stay out of the legal side of things my whole career, thankfully. When things went a little wrong, Harris Sliwoski quickly made things right.

user icon Aaron Draplin, Founder Draplin Design Co.

I am impressed with this law firm. They answered all my questions regarding cannabis businesses and the California cannabis framework, and they have helped me with a variety of legal issues in a timely fashion, while always clearly communicating with us throughout the process. They also redirected me to other quality people for my business needs. Everyone I worked with at Harris Sliwoski is an expert in their field, and I was in good hands throughout my legal representation.

user icon Corey T., CEO Thinc Cubed, LLC

I have been working with the lawyers at Harris Sliwoski for more than 20 years both as a business owner and as an executive at a large east-coast health system and that is because they have always efficiently provided high level and clear international law advice. Most recently, Harris Sliwoski provided legal support on many matters related to procuring medical products worldwide. Their support was particularly helpful to during the onset of COVID, when there was a big need for securing PPE quickly, all while navigating complicated international and domestic legal requirements. Harris Sliwoski’s team of international lawyers helped by conducting rapid-fire due diligence on potential suppliers, navigating the legal logistics for getting product from overseas and through U.S. customs, and drafting contracts to protect against various sorts of horribles. They did this by essentially providing what amounted to 24/7 service. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

user icon Dan Pak Hospital Supply Chain Executive

Harris Sliwoski has represented our company in the legal cannabis industry for years. Harris Sliwoski has advised us in a wide variety of legal matters, and they are truly experts in their field. I would highly recommend Harris Sliwoski to anyone with questions about cannabis law, or any legal matters. They have been great for our Company, and will continue to guide us as our industry evolves

user icon Matt Hurt, COO Cannabis Nation

You won’t find a better partner than Harris Sliwoski when trying to navigate the complex world of healthcare regulations.  They not only give sound and reliable legal advice, but they are also very responsive and are able to guide you in a way that helps you reach your business objectives as well.

user icon Joseph Axelrod, General Counsel Irwin Naturals

When we started the process of building a ‘seed to sale’ cannabis company in Oregon, we saw the need for expert legal counsel.  The cannabis sector is fraught with potential peril at every turn, and we wanted the best legal advice we could find.  After talking to several firms and individuals, we feel extremely fortunate to have chosen Harris Sliwoski as our legal counsel.

user icon Tony Theiss, CEO and Co-Founder Redbarn Cannabis 

We use Harris Sliwoski on all our international legal matters, including on our international litigation matters. We have over the last few years been involved in a couple big international legal disputes and Harris Sliwoski’s international dispute resolution team provided us with expert legal assistance on both matters. They were always very careful to explain to us what they were doing and why and what their actions would likely cost us in legal fees. Most importantly, we did extremely well on both cases and I have no doubt Harris Sliwoski was a big factor in that.

user icon Kevin English, CEO We Are Camp

We have used Harris Sliwoski for legal help related to our international manufacturing. The lawyers with whom I worked had extensive familiarity with the international legal issues involved in our various projects and offered us key insights. I particularly appreciated how they always quickly and efficiently do what they say they will do and always within their cost estimates.

user icon Andrea Barona Valladolid, Senior Legal Counsel Fairphone