How to Use AI in Mergers and Acquisitions

Register Here for our December 6 webinar. In the span of approximately 12 months, artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly become one of the most consequential technologies in this generation, with ChatGPT leading the way. Join me for an insightful webinar on December 6th, where I will further explore this fascinating topic with intellectual property attorney

Webinar: Generating Value with Generative AI

Free livestream webinar: December 6, 2023 at 10 AM Mountain Generative and non-generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools are changing the way commercial products and services are developed, marketed, and distributed to consumers. But how many companies and projects are adjusting their business practices and legal strategies to account for the unique realities of modern generative

United States visas for people from china. New strategies.

The L-1A Visa: A Pathway to the United States for Chinese Entrepreneurs

The L-1A Visa: A Pathway to the U.S. for Chinese Entrepreneurs Our law firm’s immigration lawyers have been seeing a big uptick in wealthy Chinese business owners seeking to leave China for the United States. For the many wealthy Chinese families that choose the United States, migration is spurred not just by the allure of

Two (FREE) November 8 Webinars: Mexico and Energy Supply Chains

On November 8, we will be putting on two webinars. Our first webinar will be on energy supply chain trends and challenges. Experts from Harris Sliwoski, BW Maritime Shipping, Breakthrough Fuel, and Trane will be discussing how to navigate disruptions like geopolitical conflicts, sustainability regulations, and pandemic aftershocks. You’ll learn how to analyze the impact

Emerging market risks

Recent Events in Africa as a Guide for Investing in Emerging Markets

Political Risks in Emerging Markets Emerging market countries offer tantalizing rewards. High growth rates, untapped resources, and burgeoning middle classes can make for attractive investments. But amidst this allure lies an unpredictable nemesis: political risk. From the abrupt twists of military coups in West Africa to nationalization policies in Latin America, and from regulatory upheavals

International contract lawyer

The Importance of Choice of Law Provisions in Sales Contracts

Choice-of-Law Provisions in Contracts Few contract provisions are as important and yet often overlooked as the choice-of-law provision. This provision determines which jurisdiction’s legal framework will govern the contract and shapes how disputes will be resolved and how legal rights will be interpreted. It is essentially the legal compass guiding the contractual relationship. Making the

international law

Harris Sliwoski Celebrates Attorney Fred Rocafort’s New Appointments

Harris Sliwoski is pleased to announce that attorney Fred Rocafort was recently elected co-chair of the Florida Bar International Law Section‘s Asia Committee. Additionally, Fred has been appointed to the steering committee for the next edition of iLaw, the International Law section’s premier annual conference, slated for February 16, 2024, in Miami. Fred has also been

customs trade wisconsin

Foreign Trade Zones for Wisconsin Small Businesses

Though many large Wisconsin corporations have benefitted from Foreign Trade Zone (“FTZ”) tax savings and other benefits programs for decades, many small and medium-size businesses in Wisconsin (“SME”) still don’t know what FTZs are. In fact, of the twenty-four companies that currently operate out of the three FTZ grantees in Wisconsin, none of these companies

washington state

Washington State Bar Association Admits Harris Sliwoski Partner Griffen Thorne

Congratulations to Harris Sliwoski Partner Griffen Thorne for becoming a member of the Washington State Bar Association after recently having been elevated to Partner at Harris Sliwoski. Now that Griffen is admitted to practice in Washington, he’ll be assisting clients with a wide array of their Washington State corporate transactions and regulatory matters. He will

Regulation A

What is a Regulation A Securities Offering?

Our firm’s lawyers routinely assist U.S. and non-U.S. companies in raising capital in the United States. One of the most critical ways international and U.S. companies raise funds in the U.S. is by issuing stock or other securities. Securities offerings, however, are highly regulated — at both the state and federal levels. U.S. law requires