The image shows the Angel of Independence in Mexico City with rising bar graphs and an upward arrow, featuring a semi-transparent Mexican flag overlay. High-rise buildings are visible in the background.

A Mexico Company Formation Guide

Forming a Company in Mexico Mexico’s economy is booming, driven by a young and tech-savvy population, its strategic location next to the US, favorable trade deals with North America and the EU, and a government eager to attract foreign investment. This surge has attracted a wave of companies from various industries, all eager to tap

A cityscape with skyscrapers is overlaid with digital graphics and the words "SMART CONTRACTS AND DAOS FROM A LAWYER'S POINT OF VIEW," along with a symbol resembling the Ethereum logo.

Smart Contracts and DAOs: A Lawyer’s Point of View

I recently returned from the iTech Law Conference in Washington, DC, where I spoke on a panel about smart contracts and DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations). I was joined by two impressive international tech lawyers, Julia Pazos (Brazil) and Katarzyna Szczudlik (Poland). These are some of the questions our panel discussed. How Do Lawyers Think About

legal advice or business advice

Legal Advice or Business Advice?

Legal advice versus business advice People hire lawyers to give them legal advice. Sometimes, people also hire lawyers to give them business advice. This may introduce thorny considerations because lawyers generally should not give business advice (more on that below). However, sometimes they can, and do (more on that too). As a business lawyer who

China tariffs increased

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Trade Representative Releases Four-Year Review of China Tariffs

The United States Trade Representatives (“USTR”) today released its long awaited four-year review of the tariff rates imposed by former President Donald Trump. As was widely expected, the USTR recommended that “products from the PRC currently subject to Section 301 tariffs should remain.” The USTR also proposed increasing tariffs on a targeted range of products

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U.S. Trademark Functionality and Protectable Aesthetics: Can I Trademark That?

The Trademark Functionality Doctrine The Trademark Functionality Doctrine limits what can be trademarked. It prevents companies from getting exclusive rights to functional features of a product, like its packaging or design. This protects competition and ensures there are a variety of choices for consumers. Patents, on the other hand, grant inventors a temporary monopoly over

California state flag featuring a grizzly bear in front of the california state capitol building with a clear blue sky.

Maximizing California Court Success Through Rule Mastery

The Court Rules are Everything For lawyers, adherence to rules is paramount. Attorneys thrive on structure, order, and, you guessed it, rules. But here’s the thing: being a good attorney isn’t just about knowing the rules; it’s about using them to help our clients succeed. That’s where the real lawyering happens. Great attorneys go beyond

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United States Copyrights and the Fair Use Defense

What is a Copyright? The word copyright is a legal term of art used to identify the type of protection granted to an author, or creator, of certain types of creative works. When you set out to write a book, or a screen play, what you created, what you typed into your computer, or wrote

Graphic illustration related to legally compliant real estate with icons of houses, keys, and documents on a blue background, featuring the text "real estate" in the center.

How to Tokenize Real Estate Interests in a Legally Compliant Way

How to Tokenize Real Estate Tokenization of assets is one of the most common discussion topics in my blockchain/web3 practice. Both tangible and intangible and intangible assets can be tokenized. I have discovered that many first-time founders get lost in the cool functionality of their product and rarely step back to determine what the marketplace

A red pushpin marks San Francisco on a detailed road map, highlighting surrounding cities and road networks.

San Francisco and Oakland in Trademark Battle over Airport Name

San Francisco vs. Oakland: Trademark Battle Over Airport Name San Francisco and Oakland are embroiled in a court dispute over the Oakland Airport’s plan to rename its airport “San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport.” Without doubt, this’ll be an interesting case to watch, as the court determines whether Oakland’s actions constitute trademark infringement. It is