series LLC

What is a Series LLC?

Series LLCs Series LLCs are a relatively new type of entity that more and more states are embracing. Still, many experienced businesspeople are unfamiliar with series LLCs. Below, I break down the concept of a series LLC, their benefits, and some potential issues. What Is a Series LLC? To understand what a series LLC is,

cyrpto airdrops

Are Crypto Airdrops Legal?

Over the last few years, airdrops have become much more common in the crypto space. Airdrops are often used to market or promote a crypto startup or platform. But like with so many other things in the space, their legal status remains murky. In this post, I do a deep dive on the legality of

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Harris Sliwoski LLP Welcomes Five Outstanding Attorneys

We are pleased to welcome five outstanding cannabis attorneys to our Washington and California offices. Aaron Pelley, Kristin Westphal, Karen Albence, Aaron John, and Elijah Hartman have joined our law firm from Cultiva Law Group. They will continue to focus on representing cannabis, hemp, and psychedelics-related businesses. Their clients include business owners and operators, investors,

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Expert Witnesses 101

As most litigators would tell a client, choosing the right expert in litigation can be the difference between winning and losing. I have litigated many cases and I have seen first-hand how picking the right or wrong expert can have an incredible impact on the outcome of the case. Litigators often say that a case

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Top Five Concerns When Buying a Regulated Business

Over the years, our corporate attorneys have developed a niche in a host of regulated and soon-to-be-regulated industries across the globe — everything from healthcare, to cannabis, to banking and finance, to securities regulation for Web3 and other companies. And a huge part of that practice has been in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), or the

Mexico Trademarks

Mexico Trademarks: What You Need to Know

The Global/Mexico Trademark Landscape In a world where trademark identity is often a company’s most valuable asset, protecting that identity in foreign markets is crucial. Mexico, with its growing economy and strategic geographic location, has become a hotspot for many international companies. However, without a solid understanding of its trademark regulations, companies run the risk

Cargo Ship

The Red Sea Blockade and Why Political Risk Analysis has Become So Important

Last week, I spoke before a group of CEO members of Vistage Worldwide on geopolitical headwinds in the Middle East and their resulting impact on U.S. business operations. I started by giving a brief overview of the current geopolitical environment for companies that operate internationally, with a particular focus on the Houthis efforts to blockade

Diversity jurisdiction

How Diverse is Diversity? An Overview of Federal Court Diversity Jurisdiction

Federal Court Diversity Jurisdiction Understanding the intricacies of federal court jurisdiction is crucial for law students, practicing attorneys, and litigants alike. One of the foundational concepts in this area is diversity jurisdiction, a key component of federal court proceedings. This blog post aims to demystify the complexities of diversity jurisdiction as outlined in 28 U.S.C.

cyrpto airdrops

The Current Legal Status of Staking in the Crypto World

The Legal Status of Staking in the Crypto World With BTC, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies trending upward in Q4 2023 and into 2024, it is a good time to revisit an issue I have been thinking about lately. What is the legal status of staking? The Basics About Staking According to Coinbase, staking is multifaceted

Unwinding The Buy America/n Provisions Gordian Knot

Buy America/Buy American Navigating the legal intricacies of government contracting can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to understanding the various statutes governing domestic production and procurement. With the rise of initiatives aimed at bolstering domestic manufacturing and infrastructure, it’s imperative for government contractors to clearly discern the differences and requirements of the