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Serving clients throughout the American Southwest, our Phoenix/Tempe office provides a wide range of corporate legal services, including guidance on bankruptcy and restructuring, as well as healthcare regulatory matters and litigation. Our office, managed by Ethan Minkin, also offers expert counsel to cannabis businesses on legal planning, regulatory support, corporate guidance, and compliance strategies.

Phoenix is the fifth most populous city in the United States, and its proximity to Mexico makes it an important center for bilateral trade.

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Your Phoenix, Arizona, business deserves a seasoned professional that can steer through the complex local landscape and assist with your legal needs. The Harris Sliwoski team understands this, which is why we have attorneys located in various major U.S. and international cities, including Phoenix. Our Phoenix lawyers have immense experience in dealing with various legal matters across many industries, including dispute resolutioncorporate lawimmigration law and intellectual property law.

Reach out to our Phoenix, AZ, team now to learn about our comprehensive legal service offerings and how we can help your business succeed.

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Harris Sliwoski is a client-centric law firm dedicated to providing exceptional legal assistance and services tailored to the success of businesses like yours in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Backed by more than a decade of international experience and a wide-reaching network of legal professionals, we offer specialized services for legal matters ranging from international law to immigration law, corporate risk assessments and beyond.

Contact our Phoenix, AZ, lawyers today and allow our committed team to apply their extensive legal knowledge and skills to represent your business both locally and internationally.

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