Aaron Pelley, Partner

Aaron Pelley

For over 15 years, Aaron Pelley has stood at the forefront of the evolving landscape of cannabis regulation. Aaron is a champion of emerging markets and an ardent advocate for cannabis industry entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors. He has crafted key cannabis legislation and established himself as a leading authority on cannabis law and practice.

Aaron is a dynamic speaker and a sought-after figure at national engagements, as well as a fixture at legal education conferences across the United States. Aaron enjoys sharing insights that illuminate the intersections of culture, law, and the economy. His expertise is frequently showcased in prestigious magazines, news articles, and television programs, reflecting his impact on shaping perceptions of the cannabis industry.

Aaron is frequently recognized for his outstanding legal contributions, earning accolades such as Super Lawyer, Top 100 Trial Lawyer from National Trial Lawyers, Top 200 Global Cannabis Lawyer and Top Cannabis Litigators.  Aaron is committed to an integrous cannabis industry, which includes fostering equitable relationships among business partners, and championing those who lead the charge in this transformative industry.

Aaron is unafraid of change and has lived at the tip of the spear his entire career. He’ll greet any challenge you present to him with open arms.

On his off time Aaron Pelley enjoys live music, reading and playing chess. 

What clients have to say about Aaron

“Aaron Pelley has helped me multiple times with tricky legal issues. His staff is great at listening and taking notes so when you have a meeting with him he knows what’s going on. They always get back to me quickly whether I talk to someone and leave a message or a voicemail. The recreational cannabis industry needs reliable agencies like this! So if you’re searching for a good attorney that truly has your back and best interest at heart, do yourself a favor and just call!”
– Heather K

“Aaron was great and definitely lends a lot of credibility when discussion difficult topics with state regulators. We were able to get a quicker and more reasonable response from the state through his services. I would recommend Aaron to anyone in the industry that needs assistance dealing with state agencies.”
– Daniel P

“My family and I went to Aaron for legal help and we’re very satisfied with his quick turnaround, professionalism, honesty, and service. We got things settled 10x quicker than I expected. I recommend him in a heartbeat.”
– G.S.

“The benefit of a good lawyer is their detailed knowledge of the law and the parameters of the law’s application. Furthermore, my primary advice to someone who tells me they have a problem and they are looking for a lawyer is “Find a lawyer who is going to tell you how you’re going to lose, not how you’re going to win.” Aaron Pelley fills the bill. He knows the cannabis laws as well as the gendarmerie, the State enforcement agencies, and anyone else in this field. He knows where the pitfalls are, the guardrails, and he offers excellent advice for how to stay on the straight and narrow. When you do have a problem, based upon his knowledge of the law and the ‘system,’ he absolutely the most competent attorney you could have at your side to navigate the legal waters. I have seen him in action. He knows what he is doing.”
– Brian D

“I went to Aaron because I heard he was the best in the biz. After speaking and working with him I can confirm that is true! He was easy to get in contact with and was EXTREMELY helpful. Thanks again for your fine services!”
– Adam C

“Aaron is simply the best lawyer you can hire. He cares about his clients, and I wouldn’t use anyone else.”
– Andy T

“Aaron Pelley is an absolute phenomenal attorney! I don’t write reviews, but I will for that guy.”
– Mini A

“We needed a representative with extensive cannabis expertise because our business partners ended up being not so great partners. Since we couldnt use our previous business attorney, we asked everyone we respected in the industry and got several recommendations to go with Aaron. One recommendation came from a friend who, with Aaron’s help, had just won a 2 year legal battle against his former partner for a large settlement. So it was pretty easy to trust Aaron’s experience, and I had personally seen his success with my friend. Our situation was complex and layered. When we explained the circumstances, Aaron quickly and easily understood the complexities. He jumped in and took control of the communication with the other side. The previous partners legal representative was very combative and overly aggressive. They also had much deeper pockets than us, and were attempting to bully the situation to run up my legal bills. Aaron easily saw through this and was able to prevent them from dragging us into a deeper or ongoing situation. He was more clever and knowledgeable than their representation. His communications with them were firm, but not combative or retaliatory to their negativity. I think he had a great read of the circumstances and the people involved. And he maneuvered through the problems and communications excellently. He also helped give us better perspective of our situation as it dragged on. He helped us understand the need for our personal restraint, and made suggestions for how we could maneuver going forward for our personal and business success. In the end,we got out of the partnership, with minimal headaches, and are in a much better position now thanks to the advice and guidance that Aaron gave us. We would highly recommend to work with him if you are lucky enough to.”
– Roy

“I have worked with Aaron and his legal team since 2008, he and his staff have effective communication in crucial legal matters, that are clear, responsive, and approachable. He takes the time to explain legal concepts and processes to you in a way that you can understand. Aaron has always been an excellent attorney who is a strategic thinker and can approach legal issues with creative and effective problem-solving skills. He can adapt to changing circumstances and adjust strategies accordingly. I strongly recommend and endorse him.”
– Amanda

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  • National Cannabis Bar Association, Member, 2015 – Present

  • National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Legal Committee Member, 2008 – Present

  • Bar Association, Cannabis Law Section 2018 – Present

  • American Bar Association, Advisory Panel, 2004 – 2009

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Lifetime Member

  • Willamette University School of Law (J.D.)
  • Willamette University (B.A)