China business etiquette

Chinese Business Dinner Etiquette: The Essentials

China Business Dinner Etiquette as Though it Matters Ten years ago, I’d often get asked about Chinese business dinner etiquette. Back then, “everyone” was going to China, and many were terrified about messing up. I would try to calm their nerves by explaining how etiquette is less important in China than it is in Korea

China manufacturing contracts

How to Avoid China Manufacturing Problems

China Manufacturing Problems are Increasing Our law firm’s international manufacturing lawyers are seeing a big increase in emails from foreign companies seeking assistance with China manufacturing issues like defective products or delayed shipments. These requests mostly stem from growing tensions with China and its declining economy. The Key to Preventing China Manufacturing Problems: Your Contract

China NNN Agreements

The China NNN Agreement that Wasn’t

Introduction to NNN Agreements and Our Pioneering Role Our law firm was among the first to emphasize the importance of securing a China-centric NNN Agreement before sharing confidential information with Chinese manufacturers. We have consistently emphasized the value of NNN Agreements in the decades since. See, e.g., China NNN Agreements and China NNN Agreements Up

China trademark law questions

You Registered Your Trademark in China … Now What?

You registered your trademark in China, meaning congratulations are in order for having taken this critical step to protect your intellectual property. Now, how do you leverage your trademark registration for maximum effect? Here are some tips: 1. Record Your Trademark with China Customs Recording your registered trademark with China Customs is an important safeguard

China distribution contract lawyers

Managing China Distribution: Best Practices for Protecting Your Interests

China Distributor Relationships Make Sense, Especially Now My law firm’s China lawyers  have drafted more China product distribution agreements in the last three years than in the ten years prior. Foreign companies want to profit from China’s consumer and industrial markets, but they are wary of going into China (or remaining in China) in a

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Xi Jinping is Coming to Town

Xi Jinping’s U.S. Visit If you have been paying attention to the headlines, you know that China’s Xi Jinping and US President Joseph Biden are meeting in San Francisco this week. They last met in person a year ago at the G20 Summit in Indonesia. The US and China at national levels have continued to

International distribution agreements

Setting Up Your Chinese Distributor for Success: Titles and Authority Matter

China Distribution Relationships We have written recently about the trend in China business as companies move away from joint venture relationships toward distributor relationships. This is happening with Chinese manufacturers and their non-Chinese distributors in the distributor’s home market. This is also happening in China with Chinese distributors or representatives and the non-Chinese manufacturers and

China risks

How Should We Be Thinking About Today’s China’s Business Environment?

China’s Current Business Climate: Questions Answered Because of our vantage point as an international law firm, we frequently get asked questions by boards of established companies, startup founders, regulators, and reporters. Below are some of the questions about China we have received lately. What is the threat level for foreign individuals and companies doing business

China Apostille

China TODAY Adopts the Apostille Convention, Making Life Easier

Understanding Apostilles Apostilles are certificates issued by governments in accordance with the 1961 Apostille Convention, which confirm the authenticity of documents. A document apostilled by Party A is considered authenticated by Party B, without a need to legalize or authenticate the document at a Party B’s embassy or consulate. The Apostille Convention enters into force

China manufacturing lawyers

On the Importance of China Mold Ownership and Protection Agreements

China’s Evolving Manufacturing Landscape Rising geopolitical uncertainties around China have transformed the landscape of Chinese manufacturing and IP asset protection. This post examines the escalating challenges faced by Western enterprises, and provides steps companies should take to safeguard their products and intellectual property from increasingly desperate Chinese factories. It focuses on essential, yet frequently undervalued, mold