Doing Business in China

Doing Business with China: A First Person Account

Doing Business In China A First Person China Business Story Eons ago, a veteran China hand responded to one of our blog posts by writing me with his own story of China problems. I found his story both typical and fascinating and sought his permission to run it. He gave me permission to run it


Navigating Trademark Squatters in China: Strategies for Protecting Your Brand

China Trademarks Matter We are on record (and then some) about the importance of registering your trademark in China. In spite of our efforts — or perhaps because of them — nearly every week someone contacts us after discovering someone else has registered “their” trademarks in China. Most people lump all such third-party registrants together

Studying in China. The pros and cons

Should I Study in China?

Should I study in China? This is a question many university students are asking themselves, particularly following the stabbing of four American instructors in the northeastern city of Jinan. While students considering studies in China need to be aware of certain risks, the question is not one that lends itself to a straightforward answer. Whether

International due diligence checklist

The Essential Legal Checklist for International Business Expansion

An International Law Checklist — The Top 8 Every so often, clients or potential clients inquire about the essential legal considerations for operating successfully in a foreign country. Every country has its own legal requirements that can trip up companies that seek to do business there. The below checklist is intended to be an initial

Moving your manufacturing from China to Mexico

Mexico’s Election and Business Future

Mexico’s Business Future Under President Sheinbaum Mexico has ushered in a new era with the inauguration of Claudia Sheinbaum as the country’s first female president. I am optimistic about Mexico’s prospects for continued economic growth and increased foreign investment under President Sheinbaum. My clients keep asking what they should expect from her presidency. In this

When to register your China Trademark

WHEN to Register your China Trademark

China Trademarks: Meet Goldilocks In going through old emails, I found one I wrote to an Australian client seeking Chinese government approval to sell its product in China. The client wanted to know if it should register a China trademark for its brand name and logo, even though there was a good chance the product

The China bank switch scam lawyers

The Bank Account Switch Scam: It’s Baaaaack

The Bank Account Switch Scam The bank switch scam involves your regular product supplier asking you to make a payment to a new bank account or a new supplier asking you to make your first payment. After you make the payment, your supplier insists you still owe the full amount because it never received your

China, Hong Kong and Macau legal systems

Hong Kong and Macau: For You, They’re Not China

The Legal Differences Between Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China Special administrative regions (SARs) like Hong Kong and Macau hold a unique position within China. In some respects, the two SARs are as much a part of China as Beijing and Shanghai. When it comes to most practical purposes, though, they are separate jurisdictions—and companies

China Employment Law

The China Rules on Terminating an Employee

Terminating Employees in China Terminating an employee’s contract in China is far from a straightforward process. China’s employment laws impose stringent regulations that require employers to navigate a complex legal framework. The repercussions of mishandling a China employee termination can be severe, ranging from costly legal battles to reputational damage. This blog post outlines the

International lawyer

The Essential List for Taking Your Company Overseas

Doing Business Overseas We international lawyers often get inquiries from companies eager to establish a subsidiary or other entity abroad. This is one of the most exciting but daunting prospects for a company more accustomed to domestic laws, regulations, financiers, and business partners. In this post, I will briefly look at the key things to