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An Offshore Company is a China Red Flag

Offshore companies are widely used by businesses and individuals for a variety of purposes. So pervasive is their use in China that even smalltime accountants in Hong Kong offer incorporation services in jurisdictions like the British Virgin Islands (BVI). While there is nothing inherently wrong with the use of offshore entities, you should be wary

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How to Protect Your Trademarks as China Manufacturing Declines

Protecting Your Brand Name as Manufacturing Leaves China The recent decade-low in China’s manufacturing exports has pushed many Chinese factories into survival mode, leading to an escalation in trademark theft incidents as they seek new revenue channels. The ongoing trade skirmishes between China and economic powerhouses like the United States and the European Union have

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Lost in Translation: Why Bad Translations are Bad for Your Business

The Importance of Accurate Contract Translations Your contract with your Chinese co-party is your key to a successful China venture and your lifeboat should the business relationship go awry. That being the case, I am always amazed how often people essentially ignore the translation of their contract. Inaccurate contract translations can both generate more disputes

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Navigating China’s Evolving Legal Landscape: A 10-Point Checklist for Foreign Businesses

A China Legal Checklist for Foreign Businesses This post examines ten key legal areas that often present hurdles for foreign companies in China. Most importantly, it provides basic and concrete recommendations on how to deal with China’s legal landscape and avoid costly missteps. Mastering compliance across the following ten critical domains is essential for foreign

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Podcast: Kossick and Rocafort Discuss Forced Labor

Harris Sliwoski attorneys Robert Kossick and Frederic Rocafort were recent guests on the 6 Days in Suez podcast, to discuss forced labor compliance, a topic of growing importance to importers in the United States and beyond. Bob and Fred shared their experiences advising clients on how to navigate the increasingly challenging waters that surround forced

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Plus Ça Change with Chinese Characteristics

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, meaning “the more that changes, the more it’s the same thing,” is a phrase coined by Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, a French novelist and editor, often shortened to plus ça change. When it comes to doing business in China, it sure seems to be that way, with businesses tripping

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Drafting China Dispute Resolution Clauses that Work

China Dispute Resolution Clauses The dispute resolution clause in your international contract can dictate the ease, cost, and effectiveness of resolving disagreements. This post addresses a specific case where my law firm’s China lawyers were tasked with reviewing a China supplier contract for a client, and in doing so, shed light on dispute resolution clauses.

China NDA versus NNN Agreement

Just Say “NO” to a China Mutual NDA

Beware the China Mutual NDA 1. A China Mutual NDA Will Not Help YOU Should I Sign a Mutual NDA With a China factory? Our international manufacturing lawyers get this question once a week, which is up from maybe once a year only a few years ago. Our usual answer is no, because these agreements

Hamas Murderers and Terrorists

Has China Shirked its Obligation to its Citizen Kidnapped by Hamas?

Noa Argamani is one of the hostages seized by Hamas and a video of her abduction has been circulated worldwide. Though Noa grew up in Israel, her mother was born and raised in China. Her parents have embarked on a public relations campaign to highlight Noa’s Chinese background. The family believes that given the long-standing

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The Essential Role of China Due Diligence

Cautionary China Tales and Key Strategies Doing business in or with China comes with hidden risks, but due diligence can mitigate them. This post explores real examples of overseas missteps, the importance of safeguards, and the key steps you should take to ready your organization for new territories. As companies reconsider their China strategies, it’s