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CFIUS Reporting Requirements for Non-U.S. Investors

CFIUS Reporting Requirements The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) is an interagency committee that reviews certain transactions involving foreign investment in the United States. Its role is to identify and address any national security risks that could arise from these potential investments. With increasing global tensions over technological competition and supply

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China Legal Compliance Basics

Legal Compliance for Your China Operations The Chinese market still offers vast potential for many businesses, but navigating its legal environment requires ongoing attention. As Chinese regulations and economic conditions shift, foreign companies benefit from prioritizing legal compliance. Compliance with Chinese law goes beyond simply avoiding penalties. It demonstrates your company’s commitment to responsible business

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No Product from China Despite Having Paid for It

Paying Chinese Companies for Product that Never Arrives Two to three times a week, my law firm will get a query from a company that paid for Chinese product and received absolutely nothing. The below is a good example of what we just keep getting. This is an e-mail (modified to hide any possible identifiers)

China Payment Terms That Will Get YOU Paid

How to Ensure You Get Paid When Doing Business With Chinese Companies

China Payment Terms Negotiating payment terms with Chinese companies is one of the trickiest aspects of doing business with China. Vague milestones, unpaid invoices, and last-minute changes are common complaints. This post provides key strategies to ensure your company gets paid in full and on time when working with Chinese companies. Whenever one of our

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Your China Trademark Is Now Registered: What Next?

China Trademark Registered? Here’s How to Keep it Working for You What happens when you register a China trademark? What follows is an example of the emails our China trademark lawyers send clients after their trademark is registered, with some additional notes in bold italics. Dear Roberta, I am pleased to enclose the registration certificate

Enforcing U.S. judgments in China

Enforcing U.S. Judgments in China: What You Need to Know

Enforcing U.S. Judgments in China This post delves into recent developments that have transformed enforcing US monetary judgments in China. From Ambiguity to Reciprocity: A Turning Point Before 2018, enforcing US judgments in China relied heavily on the principle of reciprocity enshrined within Chinese domestic law. The problem? Reciprocity lacked a clear definition, leading to

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Dueling US-China Sanctions: A Guide for Businesses

Balancing Between U.S. and China Regulations Companies that do business in or with both China and the United States must navigate the geopolitical tensions between these two countries  The escalating legal and regulatory conflicts between these superpowers have created a challenging “compliance dilemma.” In this post I explore the intricacies of this dilemma and what

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The Three Keys to Not Getting Ripped Off When Manufacturing Overseas

The Frustrating Reality of International Manufacturing Disputes (and How to Avoid Them) Hardly a week goes by at my law firm where one of our international litigation lawyers does not get a call or an e-mail from a company exploring its options for pursuing its overseas manufacturer (usually based in China, but not always) for a

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China Due Diligence: NOT Optional

China’s Business Landscape: Cautionary Tales and Key Strategies It is crucial to understand the unique risks and requirements for doing business in or with China. This post explores real-world China scenarios faced by foreign companies, highlighting the importance of due diligence to mitigate risks and ensure success. China’s Growing Risks China presents unique challenges for

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Drafting Your Own China Contract

Why You Should Never Draft Your Own China Contract China Laws and Business Practices: A World Apart China laws and business practices are different from the West. On this there should be no dispute. There should also be no dispute on how it rarely (if ever) makes sense for companies to draft their own China