Hamas Murderers and Terrorists

Has China Shirked its Obligation to its Citizen Kidnapped by Hamas?

Noa Argamani is one of the hostages seized by Hamas and a video of her abduction has been circulated worldwide. Though Noa grew up in Israel, her mother was born and raised in China. Her parents have embarked on a public relations campaign to highlight Noa’s Chinese background. The family believes that given the long-standing

China fraud and scams and due diligence

The Essential Role of China Due Diligence

Cautionary China Tales and Key Strategies Doing business in or with China comes with hidden risks, but due diligence can mitigate them. This post explores real examples of overseas missteps, the importance of safeguards, and the key steps you should take to ready your organization for new territories. As companies reconsider their China strategies, it’s

International IP lawyer

The IP Risks of Chinese Third Party Hiring Agencies

Rethinking China Operations: Third-Party Hiring Agencies As foreign companies reduce their China operations to minimize risk, they often turn to third-party hiring agencies to staff projects without a local entity. But relying on these dispatch firms creates a major vulnerability: loss of valuable IP if specific protections aren’t in place. This post delves into how

China distribution contract lawyers

China Distribution Contracts

China Distribution Contracts The Evolving Landscape of Doing Business in China Over the past few years, China’s changing political, economic, and regulatory landscapes have posed increased challenges for foreign businesses. From escalating trade tensions to regulatory clampdowns, businesses have been navigating a minefield of risks in the country. These uncertainties, compounded by the global shift

China employment law

China Employment Documents: The 101

China Employment Documents Let’s face it, navigating China’s employment laws and regulations is challenging. From stringent contract requirements to unusual policies on probation periods, vacation time and more, understanding and adhering to China’s local employment practices is pivotal yet complex. This article provides foreign employers an in-depth guide on effectively creating employment documentation in China.

China's economy and your business

China’s Economic Downturn and the Implications for YOUR Business

China’s Economic Downturn and the Implications for YOUR Business As economic uncertainty roils China, foreign companies operating in or with China face rising risks. From capital controls to supply chain disruptions to Chinese firms outright turning on their partners, businesses worldwide must navigate a more precarious China environment. This article examines the current economic situation

International Lawyers

How I Became an International Business Lawyer

Three Months, Four Continents I just returned from traveling to my fourth continent in three months, which is something I have never done before. I am frequently asked by undergraduate students, law students, and other lawyers what an international transactions lawyer does on a daily basis and how I got here. To commemorate making partner

China trademark lawyer

China Trademark Challenges Amid Geopolitical Uncertainties

China Trademarks and Global Political Conflicts Russia’s War and Its Impact on China Brands Russia’s invasion of Ukraine highlights the brand risks international companies face when geopolitical conflicts force a market exit. Many companies that left Russia found their trademarks being used without their consent, leading to a devaluation of their brand. In particular, the

Just say no to bad China contracts

How NOT To Write A China Contract

Many moons ago, an American company contacted my law firm wanting to sue its Chinese joint venture partner for having “clearly” violated their joint venture agreement. We looked at their case and advised them that we would not be willing to take on the case because we believed they did not have a good case.

Aluminum Extrusion Lawsuit AD/CVD United States

New AD/CVD Petitions: Aluminum Extrusions from 15 Countries

New AD/CVD Petitions: Aluminum Extrusions On October 4, 2023, antidumping (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) petitions were filed against Aluminum Extrusions from fifteen countries, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, the People’s Republic of China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam.  The petitions were filed by