China: Where Even The Jews Are Fake

Fascinating story in today’s Washington Post, titled, Sold on a Stereotype: In China, a genre of self-help books purports to tell the secrets of making money “the Jewish way”. Seems many Chinese think very highly of Jews, both for their perceived ability as businesspeople, and for their honesty and family values. China has some 50+ books focusing on emulating the Jewish path to success.

What I found funniest in the article was that many of these books purportedly written by Jews were actually written by Chinese. On top of that, some of these books wrongly refer to WASPS like JP Morgan and John D. Rockefeller as Jews.

A few months ago, in China: Where Even The “Law Firms” Are Fake, we talked about scam websites of purported Chinese law firms that were taking foreigners’ money for things like registering trademarks in China and then doing nothing. That one really stunned me

Counterfeit drugs, money, cigarettes, food, shoes, music, auto parts, software, purses, even fake Playboy bunnies.  None of those shock anymore.

But today I just learned there are those who take money to file trademarks in China and then simply run away. A new client told me he had sent about $750 to what he thought was a Shanghai law firm to have his company’s brand name registered. As soon as the first $750 had hit Shanghai, he was asked to send an additional $600 to “cover the filing fees,” which he did.

A week later the website was down, and the Shanghai “firm” was gone.

Fake China law firms and now fake Jews. What will they think of next.

Be careful out there. This is China. . . .

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