Dan Harris is a founding member of Harris Sliwoski, an international law firm where he mostly represents companies doing business in emerging market countries. Most of his time is spent helping American and European companies navigate foreign countries by working with the international lawyers at his firm in setting up companies overseas (WFOEs, Subsidiaries, Rep Offices and Joint Ventures), drafting international contracts, protecting IP, and overseeing M&A transactions.

In addition, Dan writes and speaks extensively on international law, with a focus on protecting foreign businesses in their overseas operations. He is also a prolific and widely-followed blogger, writing as the co-author of the award-winning China Law Blog.

China lawyers software license

China Software Licensing Registration Requirements

China Software Licensing Registration Challenges As China becomes increasingly risky and complicated for direct entry and subsequent in-country operations, licensing is becoming increasingly common for many Western companies. This is especially true for software companies. However, China’s network of licensing and royalty regulations has stymied many seeking to license their software for Chinese distribution. Requirements

China manufacturing contracts

How to Avoid China Manufacturing Problems

China Manufacturing Problems are Increasing Our law firm’s international manufacturing lawyers are seeing a big increase in emails from foreign companies seeking assistance with China manufacturing issues like defective products or delayed shipments. These requests mostly stem from growing tensions with China and its declining economy. The Key to Preventing China Manufacturing Problems: Your Contract

China NNN Agreements

The China NNN Agreement that Wasn’t

Introduction to NNN Agreements and Our Pioneering Role Our law firm was among the first to emphasize the importance of securing a China-centric NNN Agreement before sharing confidential information with Chinese manufacturers. We have consistently emphasized the value of NNN Agreements in the decades since. See, e.g., China NNN Agreements and China NNN Agreements Up

China distribution contract lawyers

Managing China Distribution: Best Practices for Protecting Your Interests

China Distributor Relationships Make Sense, Especially Now My law firm’s China lawyers  have drafted more China product distribution agreements in the last three years than in the ten years prior. Foreign companies want to profit from China’s consumer and industrial markets, but they are wary of going into China (or remaining in China) in a

China manufacturing lawyers

On the Importance of China Mold Ownership and Protection Agreements

China’s Evolving Manufacturing Landscape Rising geopolitical uncertainties around China have transformed the landscape of Chinese manufacturing and IP asset protection. This post examines the escalating challenges faced by Western enterprises, and provides steps companies should take to safeguard their products and intellectual property from increasingly desperate Chinese factories. It focuses on essential, yet frequently undervalued, mold

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Lost in Translation: Why Bad Translations are Bad for Your Business

The Importance of Accurate Contract Translations Your contract with your Chinese co-party is your key to a successful China venture and your lifeboat should the business relationship go awry. That being the case, I am always amazed how often people essentially ignore the translation of their contract. Inaccurate contract translations can both generate more disputes

International due diligence checklist

Navigating China’s Evolving Legal Landscape: A 10-Point Checklist for Foreign Businesses

A China Legal Checklist for Foreign Businesses This post examines ten key legal areas that often present hurdles for foreign companies in China. Most importantly, it provides basic and concrete recommendations on how to deal with China’s legal landscape and avoid costly missteps. Mastering compliance across the following ten critical domains is essential for foreign

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Drafting China Dispute Resolution Clauses that Work

China Dispute Resolution Clauses The dispute resolution clause in your international contract can dictate the ease, cost, and effectiveness of resolving disagreements. This post addresses a specific case where my law firm’s China lawyers were tasked with reviewing a China supplier contract for a client, and in doing so, shed light on dispute resolution clauses.

China NDA versus NNN Agreement

Just Say “NO” to a China Mutual NDA

Beware the China Mutual NDA 1. A China Mutual NDA Will Not Help YOU Should I Sign a Mutual NDA With a China factory? Our international manufacturing lawyers get this question once a week, which is up from maybe once a year only a few years ago. Our usual answer is no, because these agreements

China fraud and scams and due diligence

The Essential Role of China Due Diligence

Cautionary China Tales and Key Strategies Doing business in or with China comes with hidden risks, but due diligence can mitigate them. This post explores real examples of overseas missteps, the importance of safeguards, and the key steps you should take to ready your organization for new territories. As companies reconsider their China strategies, it’s