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The Future of Psilocybin Law

As research continues to demonstrate the value of psilocybin in treating mental health conditions, the legal landscape is beginning to evolve accordingly. Both the federal government and state governments are reconsidering their psilocybin laws and regulations, paving the way for psilocybin medicines and even the eventual recreational use of the drug. Harris Sliwoski is a leader in this exciting and fast-moving area, helping businesses understand the legal landscape and pursue new opportunities with confidence.

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Changes to the Legal Status of Psilocybin

The loosening of restrictions on psilocybin is progressing on two fronts. Similar to cannabis, the first major changes to the legal status of psilocybin mushrooms and related drugs have occurred in the medical context. While it remains illegal to possess, sell, or use psilocybin at the federal level, federal criminalization of psilocybin appears increasingly outdated. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recognized psilocybin’s potential as a treatment for depression, granting its Breakthrough Therapy designation to two drugs developed for that purpose. These drugs, and any others that receive this designation in the future, will benefit from expedited development and review.

This focus on psilocybin’s mental health benefits was the driving force behind Oregon’s legalization of psilocybin in 2020. Though prescriptions and doctors’ referrals are not required, the state is limiting the administration and use of the drug to licensed psilocybin therapy centers. As the first state to permit psilocybin and establish a program for its use, Oregon serves as an example for other states considering their own approaches. Psilocybin treatment centers and the potential for FDA-approved psilocybin drugs present enormous business opportunities for companies, investors, and entrepreneurs.

The second path forward for psilocybin is the decriminalization or legalization of recreational use. The next steps on this front are less clear than in the medical context. However, many local governments are leading the way by downgrading psilocybin as a law enforcement priority.

These actions by local governments across the country signal a growing acceptance of psilocybin use. If psilocybin continues to follow the pattern of cannabis, we may eventually see recreational use decriminalized or legalized at the state level. This would present another set of opportunities for psilocybin-focused businesses.

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Lawyers Experienced in Psilocybin Laws

Harris Sliwoski is uniquely positioned to assist companies and individuals in this area. We were among the first law firms to establish a cannabis practice and we have been leaders in cannabis law and policy for more than a decade. Building on that expertise we created our psychedelics practice, which addresses similarly complex legal and regulatory issues for businesses. We regularly analyze these and other topics on our Psychedelics Law Blog.

We combine our deep understanding of the law with a commitment to providing our clients with advice that allows them to pursue their goals prudently and aggressively. Our services in the psilocybin law space include:

  • Providing advice on forming the legal entity best suited to your business’s goals
  • Continuing support with corporate administration and governance
  • Registering and protecting your intellectual property
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts and technology-related agreements
  • Navigating applicable licensing requirements
  • Providing counsel and advice on regulatory matters

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Harris Sliwoski’s psychedelic business lawyers are more than legal strategists—they are thought leaders: forward-thinking bloggers, educators, writers, and speakers.

We speak to business and trade groups, academic institutions, and government bodies on a variety of psychedelic legal issues, and our lawyers are frequently quoted by global, national, and local media outlets.

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Our Clients' Successes

“Harris Sliwoski expertly guided us through the formation of our company. They continue to assist with necessary registrations and compliance with numerous regulations. They were able to promptly answer all our many questions and provide understandable options, explanations and practical advice. We expect to continue to use Harris Sliwoski on a regular basis as our company expands. They were also able to introduce us other professional experts. We would not hesitate to recommend Harris Sliwoski to any companies in need of legal advice.”

user icon Three Continents Foods LLC

This law firm was a huge help as our company went through the process of commercial licensing in the California cannabis industry.  They have helped us with a variety of legal issues in a timely fashion, while clearly communicating with us throughout the process.  Everyone we’ve worked with at Harris Sliwoski is an expert in their field and we have always felt that we were in good hands through our legal representation.

user icon Wil Crummer, CEO PRO Farms

Legal stuff is always scary. And I’ve had to play offense a couple times, begrudgingly. To have Harris Sliwoski have my back? It made things a lot less prickly. They quickly walked me through my options, and were refreshingly consistent in their communications, timing and billing. I’ve been lucky to stay out of the legal side of things my whole career, thankfully. When things went a little wrong, Harris Sliwoski quickly made things right.

user icon Aaron Draplin, Founder Draplin Design Co.

I am impressed with this law firm. They answered all my questions regarding cannabis businesses and the California cannabis framework, and they have helped me with a variety of legal issues in a timely fashion, while always clearly communicating with us throughout the process. They also redirected me to other quality people for my business needs. Everyone I worked with at Harris Sliwoski is an expert in their field, and I was in good hands throughout my legal representation.

user icon Corey T., CEO Thinc Cubed, LLC

I have been working with the lawyers at Harris Sliwoski for more than 20 years both as a business owner and as an executive at a large east-coast health system and that is because they have always efficiently provided high level and clear international law advice. Most recently, Harris Sliwoski provided legal support on many matters related to procuring medical products worldwide. Their support was particularly helpful to during the onset of COVID, when there was a big need for securing PPE quickly, all while navigating complicated international and domestic legal requirements. Harris Sliwoski’s team of international lawyers helped by conducting rapid-fire due diligence on potential suppliers, navigating the legal logistics for getting product from overseas and through U.S. customs, and drafting contracts to protect against various sorts of horribles. They did this by essentially providing what amounted to 24/7 service. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

user icon Dan Pak Hospital Supply Chain Executive

Harris Sliwoski has represented our company in the legal cannabis industry for years. Harris Sliwoski has advised us in a wide variety of legal matters, and they are truly experts in their field. I would highly recommend Harris Sliwoski to anyone with questions about cannabis law, or any legal matters. They have been great for our Company, and will continue to guide us as our industry evolves

user icon Matt Hurt, COO Cannabis Nation

You won’t find a better partner than Harris Sliwoski when trying to navigate the complex world of healthcare regulations.  They not only give sound and reliable legal advice, but they are also very responsive and are able to guide you in a way that helps you reach your business objectives as well.

user icon Joseph Axelrod, General Counsel Irwin Naturals

When we started the process of building a ‘seed to sale’ cannabis company in Oregon, we saw the need for expert legal counsel.  The cannabis sector is fraught with potential peril at every turn, and we wanted the best legal advice we could find.  After talking to several firms and individuals, we feel extremely fortunate to have chosen Harris Sliwoski as our legal counsel.

user icon Tony Theiss, CEO and Co-Founder Redbarn Cannabis 

We use Harris Sliwoski on all our international legal matters, including on our international litigation matters. We have over the last few years been involved in a couple big international legal disputes and Harris Sliwoski’s international dispute resolution team provided us with expert legal assistance on both matters. They were always very careful to explain to us what they were doing and why and what their actions would likely cost us in legal fees. Most importantly, we did extremely well on both cases and I have no doubt Harris Sliwoski was a big factor in that.

user icon Kevin English, CEO We Are Camp

We have used Harris Sliwoski for legal help related to our international manufacturing. The lawyers with whom I worked had extensive familiarity with the international legal issues involved in our various projects and offered us key insights. I particularly appreciated how they always quickly and efficiently do what they say they will do and always within their cost estimates.

user icon Andrea Barona Valladolid, Senior Legal Counsel Fairphone