A bridge with tall support towers spans a body of water at sunset, silhouetted against an orange and red sky with the sun partly below the horizon, symbolizing the journey of mentoring the next generation of China experts.

Mentoring the Next Generation of China Experts

A successful friend once encouraged me to reach out and connect with successful people who are doing what I want to be doing. He said that when many people reach the pinnacle of their careers, they want to help the next generation of promising leaders. That advice stuck with me, mainly because I tested that

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Do Not Cut Legal Corners

Cutting Legal Corners in Emerging Markets Introduction It can be tempting to take shortcuts to expedite processes or reduce costs in an emerging market country. But these shortcuts often lead to legal and reputational risks that can have severe consequences for your business. Despite assurances (usually given to you by your local employee/fixer/partner) that your

A man on a ladder reaching for a puzzle piece representing the need to understand CFIUS reporting requirements for foreign investment above a digital world map illuminated by network connections.

CFIUS Reporting Requirements for Non-U.S. Investors

CFIUS Reporting Requirements The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) is an interagency committee that reviews certain transactions involving foreign investment in the United States. Its role is to identify and address any national security risks that could arise from these potential investments. With increasing global tensions over technological competition and supply

US ChinaTrade Policies

Dueling US-China Sanctions: A Guide for Businesses

Balancing Between U.S. and China Regulations Companies that do business in or with both China and the United States must navigate the geopolitical tensions between these two countries  The escalating legal and regulatory conflicts between these superpowers have created a challenging “compliance dilemma.” In this post I explore the intricacies of this dilemma and what

Various epoxy resin casts alongside containers of resin and hardener on a wooden surface.

New AD/CVD Petitions: Certain Epoxy Resins from China, India, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand (AD/CVD)

On April 3, 2024, antidumping (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) petitions were filed against imports of certain epoxy resins from China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.  The petitions were filed by the U.S. Epoxy Resin Producers Ad Hoc Coalition, consisting of two U.S. producers, Olin Corporation and Westlake Corporation. Epoxy resins are used in

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Finding Your Perfect Match: Key Questions for Successful International Joint Ventures

International Joint Ventures An international joint venture can provide a pathway to new markets, shared innovation, and the distribution of risks and resources. Yet, the allure of these global partnerships is matched by the complexity of their execution, where success hinges not merely on the alignment of business strategies but, more fundamentally, on the compatibility

Foreign language contracts in Chinese Spanish Thai Vietnamese

A Foreign Language Contract is Your Key to Clarity

Foreign Language Contracts are Key I must have told clients at least a hundred times in my career that “foreign language contracts are key.” In this post, I explain why I so often say this and why this is the case. The Complexity of Language in Legal Contexts One of the things I often do

International Payment Terms

International Payment Terms: The Long Edition

Mastering International Payment Terms: Essential Strategies for Business Security International trade opens up a world of opportunities for businesses, but it also presents a minefield of risks, particularly with payment terms. Cross-border trade disputes commonly involve issues related to payment terms and conditions, and without proper safeguards, unfavorable payment terms can cripple a company’s cash

Webinar announcement for "success for chinese businesses in the us: a comprehensive webinar," featuring Jonathan Bench and Emily Chen, scheduled for april 24, 2024, at 9 pm pacific time, with presentations in chinese,

FREE Webinar: Success for Chinese businesses in the US | April 24th

Register Here 本网络研讨会专为希望在美国开展业务的中国企业家、投资者和企业而设计,意在简化您所需要了解的美国商业相关法律。 Designed for Chinese entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses looking to establish a foothold in the United States, this webinar aims to simplify the US business laws you need to know. 合伙人 Jonathan Bench 和受过中国培训律师 Emily Chen 将讨论联邦法律和州法律对建立实体企业和开展业务的重要性。我们将探讨劳动法、移民法、如何在美国筹集投资资本以及如何构建外国直接投资机会等相关复杂的问题。 Partner Jonathan Bench and China trained lawyer Emily Chen will discuss the importance of federal and

How to figure out your U.S. Tariff rates

Decoding U.S. Tariff Classifications: A Comprehensive Guide

Decoding U.S. Tariff Classifications – A Comprehensive Guide For businesses involved in international trade, effectively navigating U.S. custom regulations can lead to significant cost savings, compliance benefits, and a smoother trade process. A key component of this process is understanding tariff classifications. What is a Tariff Classification? Tariff classification assigns a unique code to every