China Hostage lawyers

Meng Wenzhou, the Two Michaels and China Hostage Taking: What YOU Need to Know

About a year ago, I spoke at a Berkeley Law School class regarding hostage taking in China. I presume I was brought on to speak about this because I helped Professor Chris Carr write an academic article on hostage taking in China, Commercial Hostages: Local vs. Foreigner Business Disputes in China. At my Berkeley talk,

China Trademark Lawyers

China Trademarks: Counterfeit Goods and Parallel Imports

Our international IP lawyers do a lot of work for clients seeking to remove listings of counterfeit goods from Chinese e-commerce sites. Most of these listings are for obviously, sometimes extravagantly counterfeit merchandise, offered in vast quantities at far-below retail prices, with pictures either lifted from the real manufacturer’s website or showing products of dubious quality,