Welcome To Our China Law Blog

What We Aim to Achieve

We’re here to empower businesses seeking to thrive in doing business with or in China by providing clarity on Chinese legal matters, offering practical insights, and engaging in rigorous dialogues.

Our intention is to provide you with practical solutions for navigating China’s complex legal and business terrain, and we will do that with the following:

  • Real Stories: From triumphant wins to lessons learned the hard way, we’ll share our unfiltered on-the-ground China experiences.
  • Practical Insights: We’ll discuss real life applications of Chinese law that you won’t find in a statute or regulation, or even in a legal handbook.
  • Engaging Dialogues: Expect controversies, disagreements, and hearty debates.

We will post articles and postings from elsewhere, to which we will, when appropriate, add our own comments. We will also post events, like seminars, conferences, and trade shows, that we believe will advance our readers’ grasp of China law and business.

The strengths of our China attorneys who will be writing for this blog are in forming companies in China, drafting contracts with Chinese companies (in English and in Chinese), enacting intellectual property protections, and helping companies prevail in their disputes with Chinese companies — both in the courts and before international arbitration panels.

Cutting Through the Complexity

Rather than dissecting obscure regulatory minutiae, we will be focusing on what matters most – practical insights and real-world advice. Our goal will be to equip our readers with actionable knowledge to succeed in China.

Join our Conversation!

Your insights, disagreements, and perspectives are not just welcomed – they’re essential. Together, let’s challenge misconceptions, unmask practical strategies, and write the playbook on effectively engaging with China. Though we will review comments to maintain a high-quality discourse free from spam or personal abuse, rest assured, constructive criticism and disagreement will be embraced.

Our Mission

Our mission is to elevate the dialogue regarding the practical aspects of Chinese law and business.