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China Doubles Down on Industry Subsidies: No Exit

After the trade talks with China broke down, the PRC government immediately announced measures designed to support the development of Chinese semiconductor manufacturing. On May 8, the State Council under the guidance of Li Keqiang announced it would extend a long standing series of Chinese government policies supporting the development of the domestic PRC chipmaking capabilities.

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Four Essential Principles of Emerging Market Success

About 15 years ago — before this blog and China became such a big part of my legal practice, I thought of myself as an “emerging market lawyer.” Back then, my work and that of my law firm consisted mostly of Russia, Korea, China and a smattering of Southeast Asian, Latin American and Eastern European

Huawei Sales Ban

The Huawei Sales Ban

The real economic threat posed by the US-China trade war is not tariffs. The real threat has always been the U.S. government prohibiting product sales to China and product purchases from China and focus on the tariff issue misses this. As we wrote in Who Pays the Tariffs on China Imports? there are various things companies

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China Employment Offer Letters: Compliance is Mandatory

China Employment Offer Letters are Not Mandatory China employers often want to extend an employment offer letter to their potential new hires to prove they are serious about bringing them on board. Some candidates expect or may even request an “official” offer letter from their potential employer. This is understandable. However, offer letters are neither

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Tariffs Against China Products: A Roadmap on What YOU Should do Now

1. The New Tariffs The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) formally published a notice in the Federal Register (this means it is official) confirming President Trump’s by now famous weekend tweet: U.S. imports of Chinese products, valued at $200 billion, that have been subject to 10 percent tariff since September 24, 2018, will now be subject to

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Selling Your China WFOE: Yeah, That’s the Ticket

1. Selling a China WFOE In the last year or so, our China lawyers have been seeing a steady increase in emails from people inquiring about selling their China WFOEs. I have gotten three or four of these in the last month alone, including the following one this week, which is fairly typical: I have

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China’s New E-Commerce Law and Its Foreign Company Impacts

Contents of this Article Implications and Practicalities of China’s E-Commerce Law China E-Commerce Definitions China E-Commerce Operators Impacts on Foreign Businesses Basic Aspects of the E-Commerce Law What Constitutes E-Commerce Activities Under Chinese Law? Are Foreign Businesses Subject to China’s New E-Commerce Law? Impacts on Foreign Brands Selling to China’s Consumers via Cross-Border E-Commerce Implications

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China’s New Foreign Investment Law does NOT Resuscitate VIEs

As regular readers of this blog should know, our China corporate lawyers have a long history of skepticism regarding China VIE structured entities. In 2013, in China VIEs: What Me Worry? we had this to say about them: China VIEs. In a nutshell, we don’t like them, don’t trust them, and don’t do them. Quite frankly,

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International NNN Agreements

1. What is an NNN Agreement? A Non-disclosure, Non-use and Non-circumvention Agreement (NNN) is an agreement used to protect confidential information, and to prevent a company or person from using your information to compete against you or go around you to your own customers. These contracts are commonly used before revealing anything important to anyone

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The College Cheating Scandal and Overseas Corruption: Not Worth It

I am sorely tempted to use the Varsity Blues college cheating scandal as a teaching moment on how we Americans need to look more deeply at the rising inequality and unfairness in our country, instead of falling back on comfortable tropes like how we are the land of opportunity. Since this is probably not the