When to register your China Trademark

WHEN to Register your China Trademark

China Trademarks: Meet Goldilocks In going through old emails, I found one I wrote to an Australian client seeking Chinese government approval to sell its product in China. The client wanted to know if it should register a China trademark for its brand name and logo, even though there was a good chance the product

China IP licensing agreement lawyer

Six Common Pitfalls in China IP Licensing

Avoiding China IP Licensing Pitfalls In recent years, our law firm has represented dozens of businesses licensing their intellectual property (IP) to companies in China, covering a wide range of sectors from product manufacturing and distribution to entertainment. Despite their sophisticated IP licensing experience, many businesses are often unprepared for many common pitfalls in China

China IP licensing agreement lawyer

China Technology Licensing: A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering Technology Licensing in China: A Comprehensive Guide China’s massive market size presents a tantalizing opportunity for companies with innovative technology. However, navigating the legal and business complexities of operating directly in China can be daunting, especially as tensions between China and so much of the rest of the world continue to increase. Technology licensing

China NNN Agreements

China NDA Agreements: Still Worthless After All These Years

Why NDAs Are Useless for Protecting Your Intellectual Property in China Since we started this blog, we have emphasized the importance of using NNN Agreements for China, and not Western Style NDA Agreements. Most companies now understand this, but twice in the last few weeks I have had to tell an American company that it

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Cease-and-Desist Letters for China IP Violations

China Intellectual Property Protections If you are doing business in or with China (and this includes having your products made in China), you need to safeguard your intellectual property (IP) rights there. Intellectual property encompasses intangible creations such as trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets. Trademarks: These are recognizable symbols, phrases, or logos that identify

How to stop counterfeit products from China

How to Protect your Product from Counterfeiting with 360° Trademark Protection

When companies come to my law firm to protect their brand names from Chinese copycats, our international trademark lawyers typically tell them that applying for such a trademark takes about a week, but actually getting the trademark takes about ten months. We then tell them that until they get their Chinese trademark, they will be

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Your China Trademark Is Now Registered: What Next?

China Trademark Registered? Here’s How to Keep it Working for You What happens when you register a China trademark? What follows is an example of the emails our China trademark lawyers send clients after their trademark is registered, with some additional notes in bold italics. Dear Roberta, I am pleased to enclose the registration certificate

China NNN Agreements

China NNN Agreements: The Ten Most Asked Questions Answered

China NNN Agreements are Absolutely Necessary When your company does business with a Chinese company there is always a risk that your Chinese partner will use information you give it to compete against you. See It’s Perfectly Legal for Your Chinese Manufacturer to Copy Your Products. To prevent this scenario, a China Non-Disclosure, Non-Use, Non-Circumvention

China copyright law

China Copyright Law: The Basics

Understanding Copyright Protection for Your Creative Work in China China still presents exciting opportunities for creators of all kinds. But protecting your intellectual property from China can be difficult. When it comes to copyright, however, there’s good news: copyright protection in China often arises automatically upon creation, similar to the US and EU. However, enforcing

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China Trademark Protection: Is Your Chinese Manufacturer a Friend or a Foe?

Navigating Trademark Protection in China When dealing with China, protecting your brand’s identity is imperative. Every month, without fail, one of my law firm’s international IP lawyers are approached by companies facing a startling reality: their Chinese manufacturers have registered the company’s trademarks in China.* Understanding Trademark Theft in China The motivations behind these trademark registrations