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China Software Licensing Registration Requirements

China Software Licensing Registration Challenges As China becomes increasingly risky and complicated for direct entry and subsequent in-country operations, licensing is becoming increasingly common for many Western companies. This is especially true for software companies. However, China’s network of licensing and royalty regulations has stymied many seeking to license their software for Chinese distribution. Requirements

China NNN Agreements

The China NNN Agreement that Wasn’t

Introduction to NNN Agreements and Our Pioneering Role Our law firm was among the first to emphasize the importance of securing a China-centric NNN Agreement before sharing confidential information with Chinese manufacturers. We have consistently emphasized the value of NNN Agreements in the decades since. See, e.g., China NNN Agreements and China NNN Agreements Up

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You Registered Your Trademark in China … Now What?

You registered your trademark in China, meaning congratulations are in order for having taken this critical step to protect your intellectual property. Now, how do you leverage your trademark registration for maximum effect? Here are some tips: 1. Record Your Trademark with China Customs Recording your registered trademark with China Customs is an important safeguard

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How to Protect Your Trademarks as China Manufacturing Declines

Protecting Your Brand Name as Manufacturing Leaves China The recent decade-low in China’s manufacturing exports has pushed many Chinese factories into survival mode, leading to an escalation in trademark theft incidents as they seek new revenue channels. The ongoing trade skirmishes between China and economic powerhouses like the United States and the European Union have

China NDA versus NNN Agreement

Just Say “NO” to a China Mutual NDA

Beware the China Mutual NDA 1. A China Mutual NDA Will Not Help YOU Should I Sign a Mutual NDA With a China factory? Our international manufacturing lawyers get this question once a week, which is up from maybe once a year only a few years ago. Our usual answer is no, because these agreements

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The IP Risks of Chinese Third Party Hiring Agencies

Rethinking China Operations: Third-Party Hiring Agencies As foreign companies reduce their China operations to minimize risk, they often turn to third-party hiring agencies to staff projects without a local entity. But relying on these dispatch firms creates a major vulnerability: loss of valuable IP if specific protections aren’t in place. This post delves into how

China's economy and your business

China’s Economic Downturn and the Implications for YOUR Business

China’s Economic Downturn and the Implications for YOUR Business As economic uncertainty roils China, foreign companies operating in or with China face rising risks. From capital controls to supply chain disruptions to Chinese firms outright turning on their partners, businesses worldwide must navigate a more precarious China environment. This article examines the current economic situation

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China Trademark Challenges Amid Geopolitical Uncertainties

China Trademarks and Global Political Conflicts Russia’s War and Its Impact on China Brands Russia’s invasion of Ukraine highlights the brand risks international companies face when geopolitical conflicts force a market exit. Many companies that left Russia found their trademarks being used without their consent, leading to a devaluation of their brand. In particular, the

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Stop China Counterfeits By Registering Your China IP with China Customs

Have a China Brand Protection Strategy The essential first step in most China IP strategies is to register your trademarks with China’s Trademark Office. Because China is a first-to-file country, until you register a trademark in China you have no rights in that trademark. But a trademark registration alone will not limit the spread of

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Using Cease-and-Desist Letters to fight China IP Violations

Fighting China IP Infringement: The Power of Cease-and-Desist Letters With IP infringement in China rising amid geopolitical tensions and China’s sinking economy, many companies are scrambling to protect their intellectual property. But legal action can be slow and expensive. Well-crafted cease-and-desist letters can often provide a faster, more affordable recourse. My law firm’s international IP