Top Ten Cannabis Rule Changes

On July 3, 2013, the Liquor Control Board (LCB) adopted significant changes to the I-502 draft rules. Per the LCB’s own media release, here are the top ten changes to the draft rules:

  • Allowed outdoor grows
  • Added child proof packaging
  • Shortened hours of operation
  • Allowed outside mothering plants for the first 15 days of a license
  • Strengthened advertising restrictions to restrict ads that may appeal to youth
  • Tightened definitions (child care center, financier, library, member)
  • Removed landlord affidavit requirement
  • Added retail location process
  • Added minimum pixels requirement for camera resolutions in surveillance system
  • Allowed free samples of useable marijuana by producers or processors for negotiating a sale

We’ll be providing analysis on these changes so stay tuned. In the interim, here’s a copy of the LCB’s proposed rules.

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