Cannabis M&A: Protecting Against Undisclosed Liabilities

When someone buys a cannabis business, and not just that business’s assets, they essentially inherit all of its liabilities. And there are usually a lot. If the business is in the midst of a lawsuit, owes back taxes, is behind on rent, etc., the buyer will need to deal with those problems on its own–unless

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California Awards $12 Million In Local Cannabis Equity Grants To Repair Drug War Harms

California’s path to cannabis social equity: from arrests to advocacy Data from the California Department of Justice reveals that nearly half a million individuals were arrested on cannabis charges in the state between 2006 and 2015. Even after Governor Schwarzenegger authorized a statewide decriminalization program in 2010, thousands continued to face serious misdemeanor charges related

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Missouri Revokes Nine Social Equity Licenses

The need for social equity in cannabis programs As adult-use cannabis legalization sweeps across the country and America confronts the toll of previous, draconian cannabis policies, one of the best attempts to right abject wrongs is social equity programs within state cannabis industries. Unfortunately though, social equity programs are easily exploited and “loopholed.” Licenses have

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Cannabis Contracts 101: Authority and Why it Matters

Cannabis contracts are – in the simplest sense – binding agreements between two parties. But how you get to something being “binding” can be complicated. And in the cannabis industry, where things move a mile a second and people often overlook basic contract requirements, the results can be disastrous. Today I want to focus on

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California’s Cannabis Industry Conundrum and the Road Ahead

Despite continuously surpassing every other state with recreational cannabis in terms of total retail sales, California’s cannabis industry has faced continuous and far-reaching issues on multiple levels that have only spread even further. From declining sales that result in hundreds of millions less in total retail sales to a massive illicit market that the state

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Washington May Raise the Minimum Age for High THC Cannabis Purchases

Washington House Bill 2320 Washington State has often led the way in progressive cannabis policies. However, the introduction of House Bill 2320 by the Washington State legislature could mark a pivotal shift in this trajectory. This bipartisan bill proposes to raise the minimum age to 25 years for purchasing and consuming products containing 35% or


Thoughts on THCA, Interstate Sales…. and Oregon

Friend of the firm Andrew DeWeese published a recent LinkedIn post on Oregon’s outlying stance on THCA the other day, and the priorities of local industry advocates. I wanted to highlight that post and discuss today– it’s a compelling post and I have all sorts of thoughts about it. Here it is: Let’s break it

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Cannabis M&A: Will California Allow License Transfers?

Cannabis M&A (short for mergers and acquisitions) in California is much more complicated and problematic than in other states. The biggest reason for this is that licenses are not transferrable, which all but eliminates the possibility of asset sales. In turn, this means that deals are much more complicated for both buyer and seller, and

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What is the Deal with California Close Corporations?

We spill a lot of ink on the Canna Law Blog talking about different types of business entities that cannabis entrepreneurs often use. In most cases though, the choice is between LLC and corporation. It may come as a surprise to some readers that some states have many different subcategories of corporations, including California. Today