November 15, 2023: Manufacturing and Supply Chain Challenges

Join Harris Sliwoski and Part 5 of this free nine-part webinar series designed to shed light on the opportunities and challenges of nearshoring to Mexico.

Save the Dates

Between 15 November and 13 December 2023, distinguished subject matter experts will be conducting weekly online panels focusing on the key operational and legal considerations involved in leaving China (in whole or in part) and in nearshoring to Mexico.

Should You Attend?

If you’re considering transitioning from China to Mexico, or if nearshoring to Mexico is on your horizon, this webinar series is for you. By attending, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of what this transition could entail for your business.

Tailored Advice. Find solutions to the unique challenges your business might face during the transition.

In-Depth Analysis. Unpack the critical operational and legal facets of moving operations from China to Mexico.

Expert Insights. Learn firsthand from specialists with many years experience in navigating the nearshoring journey.

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