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Cannabis Worker’s Death Triggers Closer OSHA Industry Scrutiny

Jesse Mondry in Bloomberg Law

November 2nd, 2022

Many of the states that were in the first wave of recreational marijuana legalization such as Oregon and Washington have their own state worker safety programs and published guidance for the industry, said attorney Jesse Mondry, whose practice at Harris Sliwoski Sliwoski LLP in Portland, Ore., focuses on cannabis issues.

Also, each state’s cannabis industry is already heavily regulated and licensed with worker conditions often part of the requirements, he said.

Law Firms Growing Cannabis Practices With Privacy Cases in Mind

Griffen Thorne in Bloomberg

December 28th, 2018

A data breach could put a cannabis company in a precarious position if it has to alert a consumer in a state where marijuana isn’t legal, Griffen Thorne, tech and cannabis attorney at Harris Sliwoski, told Bloomberg Law. A state attorney general opposed to marijuana legalization, for example, may target out-of-state marijuana companies for partisan or personal reasons, going after them for minor privacy infractions, like not having updated privacy policies or leaking non-sensitive data, he said.

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