It's a big world out there, so export. (Infographic is from FedEx)

Asia Export Strategies

I love to talk about what I call our “accidental exporter” clients. These are companies (mostly in the United States, but Europe too) who literally lucked out into becoming Asia exporters. And by “lucked out,” I mean they were quietly going about their business when contacted out of the blue by someone in Asia (usually

Vietnam, India, Mexico, Brazil. Anywhere but China.

China’s Golden Age for Foreign Companies is Over

Let the hate mail begin. Whenever we write on how things are getting bad for foreign companies doing business in China and on how foreign companies should think long and hard before doing business in China, we get hate mail or hate comments (which we typically delete). Many of these come from China consultants accuse

China future business

Rare Earths and Polysilicon: Does China Control Our Green Future?

China is virtually the sole supplier of rare earths to the world and it is heading towards that same position for polysilicon. The reasons are almost exclusively related to the peculiar way primary industry operates in China. What is occurring is an exchange with few benefits to either side. There are two areas of dispute

Manufacturing in Thailand

China, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and the Middle Income Trap

I just learned about the “middle income trap” and it crystallizes previously discombobulated thoughts I have had regarding China’s economic development. This new term (for me) comes from a Time Magazine article, Escaping the middle-income trap, on how Malaysia’s economic growth has been consistently strong since World War II, yet Malaysia cannot break into the