Pea protein China dumping case

New AD/CVD Petitions: Pea Protein from China

On July 12, 2023, PURIS Proteins filed antidumping (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) petitions against Pea Protein from China. Pea Protein is usually sold in powder form and is a food ingredient for foods sold to individuals who are allergic to glutens (e.g., snack bars, plant-based meat products, other gluten-free foods). The U.S. Department of

Moving your manufacturing from China to Mexico

Nearshoring to Mexico: The Key Questions to Ask

Issue Orientation As the US relationship with China deteriorates across the political, military, economic, and trade dimensions, US companies with manufacturing operations in China are increasingly seeking out strategies to diversify supply chains, mitigate compliance risk, minimize duty exposure, reduce costs, and manage uncertainty. Though several approaches have been pursued since the inception of the

International distribution agreements

Negotiating Chinese Distributor Agreements (China to US)

As the China-US geopolitical environment continues be problematic, our clients and prospective clients have pivoted from joint venture relationships to distribution and similar licensing-type relationships. This is not a one-sided trend. We are seeing an increase in these distributor relationships going both into China and out of China. From the questions we receive, we see

Moving your manufacturing from China to Mexico

Troubled by China? Consider Mexico*

Are you currently sourcing products from China or Southeast Asia? Though these regions have long been popular choices for businesses seeking cost-effective manufacturing, it’s time to consider Mexico as an alternative. Mexico has emerged as a top destination for global trade, attracting companies with its favorable business practices, vibrant culture, and strategic location. In this

China trademark lawyer

Russia, The Wagner Group and the CCP’s Demise

I am lately getting a ton of calls from reporters wanting examples of companies leaving China because of its increasingly oppressive cybersecurity, data security and counter-espionage laws. When I tell them I have no such examples, they are surprised. I then explain how companies tend to believe they are capable of navigating such things and

China manufacturinemployment lawyers

What Buyers of China Products Should Do Now

China’s economy and its manufacturing are in what is increasingly looking like a long-term decline. I attribute most of this to two things that will almost certainly continue to worsen: geopolitics and demographics. On the geopolitical front, Blinken did JUST meet with Xi and they said nice things that will reduce the likelihood of war,

arbitration clauses

Hong Kong Arbitration: Lawyers and Companies Are Just Saying No

In August, 2019 — in Hong Kong for International Business: Stick a Fork in It, I wrote how Hong Kong’s days as Asia’s leading international business hub were over and I made the following predictions: Companies that were deciding between Hong Kong or Singapore for their Asian headquarters would choose somewhere other than Hong Kong. Growing companies

China Trademark Appeal

Harris Sliwoski Wins China Trademark Appeal

Our international trademark attorneys recently won an appeal of an earlier refusal of a China trademark registration application. This case demonstrates the complex strategies often required to secure trademark protection for brands in China. As execution of these strategies can take time, brands willing to take the long view are likely to see better results.