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Suing Chinese Drywall Manufacturers

An international litigator I know just emailed me an article on Chinese Drywall, with the question, “why do you think these lawyers are spending so much money to serve the Chinese defendants.” My short answer is that I do not know. I will backtrack a bit first. The article is Chinese-Made Drywall: A Multi-Defendant, Multi-Claim,

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Owe Money to a Chinese Company? No Need to Pay

If one of our clients owes money to a Chinese company and it cannot pay all its creditors, our international dispute resolution lawyers recommend they pay the Chinese company last because the Chinese company will likely never sue to recover. I am NOT advocating not paying debts to Chinese creditors, but I am saying that

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Working With Chinese and Korean Lawyers: The Big Four Issues with Each.

A post like this has to generalize a bit and there are exceptions to everything I say below. But having worked with dozens of law firms in both Korea and China, I have noticed the following four problems in dealing with lawyers from those two countries, respectively: 1. KOREA LAWYERS Non-responsiveness is the norm. American

Getting paid by Chinese companies

China Company Owe You Money? A New Way to Get It.

My firm just seized a large sum of money from an Asian company that owed our client a large sum of money for some time. I cannot describe this case here because our international litigation team is still working on it, but it makes for a great example of a little known way to grab

Ending foreign kickbacks

Did a Pure Fabrication Move The Yuan Market?

The internet is abuzz with news that Chris Devonshire-Ellis of China Briefing may have influenced movement in the Yuan-Dollar conversion rate by what is being described by Chinese governmental authorities  as a “pure fabrication.” To summarize, China Briefing Magazine did a post claiming to have interviewed a Chinese governmental official who talked of the Yuan

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Depositions in China: No Can Do

You are a litigator preparing a case in the United States. Your case is now in the discovery phase and you want to depose a key witness who is located in the PRC. This witness is either unable or unwilling to come to the United States and so their deposition must be taken in China.

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China Melamine is Getting Mighty Fishy

Most of you probably already know more about melamine than you ever expected. Melamine refers to both a chemical and to a resin produced from it. Human ingestion of melamine “may lead to reproductive damage, or bladder or kidney stones, which can lead to bladder cancer.” Unfortunately, its high nitrogen content allows it to mimic

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The Perils of Chasing Cheap Labor

I once ended up on the same Qingdao-Seoul-Seattle flight as a long-time client and friend of mine whose company, among other things, had been hugely successful in China in an industry where just about every other foreign company had failed. The long flights gave us a great opportunity to talk and we talked a lot

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China as Downturn Neophyte. If I Stick My Head in the Sand….

CLB’s own Steve Dickinson has just returned from the annual China Maritime Law Conference, made up mostly of Asian international maritime lawyers. This year’s conference was in Wuhan. Steve reports as follows after the first day: I just finished the morning session of the first day of the All China Maritime Law Conference being held


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“I hear that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.” Bob Dylan, Man of Peace “I am a man of peace.” Kwai Chang Caine, Kung Fu, Episode 8 “Peace lies not in the world…but in the man who walks the path.” Master Po, Kung Fu, Episode 8 When I took on this task of