China criminal law

How to Violate Chinese Law and Get Away With It: Don’t Go There.

In Cashing in on Internet Censorship, CNN News writes how VPN companies is booming, thanks largely to China. The article discusses how “foreign companies are profiting from software that allows circumvention of government internet controls.” The article quotes one of my law firm’s international attorneys  on how businesses that offer firewall avoidance software in China are

Doing business in China

How to Choose the Right Interpreter

Did a post recently, How To Speak Through A Chinese Interpreter, setting out ten things that will improve your speaking through a Chinese interpreter. That post led to a number of comments, including one that really kinda ticked me off. And I almost never get ticked off. The comment that really bugged me was from

How to Draft Enforcable China Contracts

How to Speak Through a Chinese Interpreter

My business requires I spend a lot of time speaking with others through an interpreter. I have actually gotten pretty good at using really good interpreters to hide my own flaws. Within my office, we have people capable of translating/interpreting English, French, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Sanskrit (never used), Vietnamese, German, Spanish, and even a

China spies on foreign businesses

China: The Walls Have Ears

China is watching you. I am convinced about 99.99% of all emails go through. But for me, that means at least a few of the emails I send each week will not reach their destination. If I do not hear back from someone quickly, I assume they did not get my email and I send

China Direct Sales

China Direct Sales

Excellent podcast/article on Technomic Asia’s Business Blog and Podcast, entitled, China calling: Direct Sales in China, [link no longer exists] on how direct sales just seem to correspond naturally to the concept of guanxi in China: Historically, sales in China have been based on guanxi. I get the sale, not necessarily because I have the

China WFOE versus Joint Venture

China WFOE or JV?

Just got the below comment (#63 on our post, China: First Let’s Clear Out The Long Time Foreigners) posing important questions and leaving hanging some common misconceptions about doing business in China: So here’s my question albeit already bounced around but no solid answer given…. JV or WFOE for a new foreign company launching in

China's new Company Laws

China Company Law: The 101

On January 1, 2006, China implemented its New Company Law. At around that same time, Harris Sliwoski’s own Steve Dickinson wrote a scholarly article on the new law for the Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal, entitled, Introduction to the New Company Law of the People’s Republic of China. At around the same time, Steve

China Lawyers

China and Its Many Laws

There usually is one right way for businesses to act legally in China and if you are a foreign company, your best bet is to know and follow Chinese law. One of the problems businesses face in China is too many laws, some of which conflict with others. In Do Too Many Rules Erode the

China Rule of law

On the Connection Between a Topless Woman in Qingdao and Rule of Law in China

The Matt Schivenza blog has a new post, Foreign Woman Removes Top At Beach in Qingdao, Causes Major Disturbance. [link no longer exists]. Matt’s post tracks what I was talking about this morning with a client: not nudity, but rule of law, and how foreigners that do business in China often misunderstand misperceive what China