Studying in China. The pros and cons

Should I Study in China?

Should I study in China? This is a question many university students are asking themselves, particularly following the stabbing of four American instructors in the northeastern city of Jinan. While students considering studies in China need to be aware of certain risks, the question is not one that lends itself to a straightforward answer. Whether

The China bank switch scam lawyers

The Bank Account Switch Scam: It’s Baaaaack

The Bank Account Switch Scam The bank switch scam involves your regular product supplier asking you to make a payment to a new bank account or a new supplier asking you to make your first payment. After you make the payment, your supplier insists you still owe the full amount because it never received your

China, Hong Kong and Macau legal systems

Hong Kong and Macau: For You, They’re Not China

The Legal Differences Between Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China Special administrative regions (SARs) like Hong Kong and Macau hold a unique position within China. In some respects, the two SARs are as much a part of China as Beijing and Shanghai. When it comes to most practical purposes, though, they are separate jurisdictions—and companies

A variety of aluminum food containers, including round and rectangular shapes, are displayed on a reflective surface.

New AD/CVD Petitions: Disposable Aluminum Containers, Pans, and Trays from China

Disposable Aluminum Containers, Pans, and Trays from China On May 16, 2024, antidumping (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) petitions were filed against imports of Disposable Aluminum Containers, Pans, and Trays from the People’s Republic of China.  The petitions were filed by the Aluminum Foil Container Manufacturers Association, consisting of Durable Packaging International, D&Q Fine pack,

A bridge with tall support towers spans a body of water at sunset, silhouetted against an orange and red sky with the sun partly below the horizon, symbolizing the journey of mentoring the next generation of China experts.

Mentoring the Next Generation of China Experts

A successful friend once encouraged me to reach out and connect with successful people who are doing what I want to be doing. He said that when many people reach the pinnacle of their careers, they want to help the next generation of promising leaders. That advice stuck with me, mainly because I tested that

China's new Company Laws

Understanding the China Company Law Amendments that Matter to Foreign Businesses

China’s Amended Company Law Becomes Effective on July 1 China’s amended Company Law takes effect on July 1, 2024. Many companies have not considered the significant revisions that have been made and how they can and will affect companies that are doing business in China. Companies with legacy entities in China that have not reviewed

How to prevent China manufacturing scams

How to Protect Against China’s Four Most Common Business Scams

China’s Four Most Common Business Scams and How to Avoid Them Post-COVID, our China lawyers have been seeing more than the usual number of foreign American and European companies coming to us after having been scammed by a Chinese company. In this post, I will explore four common China business scams and provide actionable steps

World map depicting the usa and china with connecting lines and a 'sanctions' stamp over china, highlighting geopolitical tensions.

BREAKING NEWS: United States Sanctions a Slew of Chinese Companies. Make Sure You are NOT Doing Business With Any of These Companies!

United States Sanctions New Chinese Companies Yesterday, the United States Treasury initiated sanctions against many Chinese companies and individuals in an effort “to further degrade Russia’s ability to sustain its war machine, continuing a multilateral campaign to limit the Kremlin’s revenue and access to the materiel it needs to prosecute its illegal war against Ukraine.”

Doing business in China with a China bank account

A Guide to Opening a Bank Account in China as a Foreigner

How to Open a China Bank Account If you’re planning to live, work, or invest in China, opening a bank account is often an essential step. This post will walk you through the basic steps and requirements involved. Selecting the Right China Bank The first step is selecting a bank that fits your needs. Major

China foreign due diligence

China Legal Compliance Basics

Legal Compliance for Your China Operations The Chinese market still offers vast potential for many businesses, but navigating its legal environment requires ongoing attention. As Chinese regulations and economic conditions shift, foreign companies benefit from prioritizing legal compliance. Compliance with Chinese law goes beyond simply avoiding penalties. It demonstrates your company’s commitment to responsible business