new york cannabis enforcement

New York Cannabis: Early Unforced Errors in Enforcement

A lot has been made recently on New York’s new legislation that empowers the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) to take enforcement actions against illicit retail dispensaries (check out our posts here and here). This article (paywall) by the always excellent Brad Racino of NY Cannabis Insider provides a play-by-play of the OCM’s first ever

gun rights

Feds May Restrict Cannabis Users’ Gun Rights Even After Changes in Law

Federal law prohibits cannabis users from owning or possessing firearms. There are a host of federal court cases that may find these prohibitions an unconstitutional violation of cannabis users’ gun rights. But even if courts find these laws unconstitutional, many cannabis users could still face other federal government hurdles and restrictions. If you are not

cannabis litigation

Cannabis Litigation to Watch

As the cannabis economy tanks (with the exception of states that just came online for medical and/or adult-use), cannabis litigation is picking up. Most of this litigation revolves around partnership disputes, unpaid bills, breached contracts, and solvency. All cannabis entrepreneurs and businesses should be mindful of cannabis litigation trends, especially in these lean times. To

new york city unlicensed dispensaries

New York City Passes Unlicensed Dispensary Landlord Legislation

The New York City Council (the City Council) is taking matters into its own hands, passing legislation that will hold landlord’s liable for renting space to unlicensed cannabis dispensaries. Last week, on June 22, the City Council unanimously passed the legislation (47 to 0), with one abstention. Here is City Council Member Lynn C. Schulman’s

oregon cannabis

Oregon Cannabis Round-Up: Chalice Receivership, New Tax Rules, New Laws

It’s been an eventful month in Oregon cannabis. Below are some early summer notes on three things we’ve been doing and watching and writing about. The Chalice receivership I covered this last month as the ship was going down. Today, the Oregon receivership is well underway and we’re getting regular notices. It hasn’t been smooth

ocm enforcement

New York Office of Cannabis Management Gets New Enforcement Powers

New York State’s recently passed 2024 budget includes many cannabis-related provisions, addressing enforcement, licensure, and penalties, with the goal of curbing the state’s illicit marijuana market. Specifically, Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation granting the state Office of Cannabis Management (“OCM”) certain enforcement powers. Enforcement tools at OCM Several of the new enforcement tools at OCM’s enforcement

international and domestic cannabis

Griffen Thorne Presents on International and Domestic Cannabis Issues at GGI North American Regional Conference

This Friday June 23rd, Harris Sliwoski’s Griffen Thorne will present on international and domestic cannabis issues with Dan Rothberg at GGI Global Alliance’s North American Regional Conference in Los Angeles. Their presentation will give an expert take on these topics: Summary of US federal cannabis (marijuana) laws and impact on state law Summary of US

oregon cannabis tax

New Rules: Oregon Cannabis Retailers Must Certify Tax Compliance

On June 15, 2023, the OLCC approved temporary rules requiring marijuana retailers to obtain a Certificate of Tax Compliance (“Certificate”) from the Oregon Department of Revenue (“DOR”) as a condition for acquiring or renewing a marijuana retailer license, as well as for changes of ownership and adding someone to a license.  These new rules resulted

washington cbd

Washington Upends Its CBD Industry

Last month, Washington governor Jay Inslee signed SB 5367, a largely unpublicized bill “concerning the regulation of products containing THC”. Among other things, the bill amends the definition of “cannabis product” in the state’s Controlled Substances Act to include products with any detectable amount of THC concentration. Selling such CBD products will require licensure by

new york cannabis variscite

New York Cannabis: The Variscite Injunction is Lifted

The news tricked out slowly, then all at once: New York has settled the Variscite litigation, and the injunction prohibiting Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) licenses in the Finger Lakes region has been lifted. The settlement was approved during the Cannabis Control Board (CCB) meeting on May 30, 2023, paving the way for new CAURD