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California Allows Cannabis Cultivators to Reduce License Sizes

The California Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) just published some new guidelines for cannabis cultivators following the passage of SB-833. Among other things, California will let cannabis cultivators reduce their canopy size and thereby reduce license costs. This will be a huge benefit. I write a lot about the woes that California’s cannabis industry faces

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Indigenous Innovation in the Minnesota Cannabis Industry

A Tradition of Excellence For thousands of years, Native tribes across North America have harnessed the benefits of the hemp and cannabis plants. These plants have held sacred and significant roles in many Indigenous cultures, deeply intertwined with spiritual practices, medicinal applications, and traditional ways of life. It’s no wonder, then, that Indigenous people are

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Common Pitfalls in Cannabis Brand License Agreements

Cannabis companies and (depending on the state) brands often use license agreements to grow their brands. If done correctly, they can be a huge driver of revenue for the brands and licensees, and can grow the good will of the brand across a particular territory. However, they are notoriously easy to botch. A bad license

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Washington State Eliminates Medical Cannabis Taxation

In November 2012, Washington voters approved the production, processing, and retail sales of recreational cannabis within Washington state under what is known as Initiative 502 (“I-502”). Washington state then provided a regulatory framework for how the legalization of recreational cannabis production, processing, and retail sales would be regulated under what would become the Washington State

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Investing in Cannabis: Five Due Diligence Red Flags

Our cannabis team has performed due diligence on countless business purchases, investments, loans, and just about every other kind of transaction you can imagine. As you can imagine, we’ve seen some pretty bad and even sketchy things over the years. With rescheduling on the horizon (see here and here), we expect to see an increase in loans, investments,

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California Cannabis: Make Your Non-Disclosure Agreement Count

In the ever-evolving landscape of the cannabis industry, the use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) is becoming more prevalent as the demand for difficult to grow exotic strains increases and more brands and businesses flood the market. Previously we have blogged about the importance of NDAs to safeguard confidential business information. Cannabis businesses should continue to

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Unwrapping the Legal Battles Against Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis companies are often unclear about what edible products are legal to manufacture and distribute. While some cannabis edibles may be legal on a state level, federal regulations prohibit placing some cannabinoids in food altogether. This legal landscape is often confusing for cannabis edibles manufactures, who see their products as a natural expansion of cannabis

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Changing Interstate Cannabis Sales

As states slowly but inevitably continue to legalize cannabis medically or recreationally, we often need to be reminded that cannabis is still illegal on the federal level. Due to this widespread, ineffective prohibition, the cannabis industry and its many operators must follow a very extensive and strict set of parameters to ensure that they remain

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California Cannabis Tax Collection and Penalty Nightmares

California’s cannabis taxes are a disaster, with no end in sight. I’ve written about the state’s tax problems extensively, but today I want to talk about what the state can do when it comes to tax collection. Late cannabis taxes? Get used to hefty penalties If a licensed cannabis business fails to timely or fully

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FREE Webinar Tomorrow: Cannabis Loans and Investments

Register Here Reminder! We are all set for our latest cannabis business webinar, tomorrow, February 28th, focused on “Cannabis Loans and Investments”. In 2024, a constellation of factors makes things very interesting for both cannabis industry investors and businesses: More states are open for business and investment than ever before In the macroeconomic environment, interest