Breaking New Ground: Cannabis at the 2024 California State Fair

Move aside deep-fried Oreos—this year’s California State Fair is making history with the introduction of cannabis! For the first time in its 170-year history, California is inviting fair-goers to purchase and enjoy cannabis products directly on site. The decision celebrates the state’s vibrant agricultural and cannabis heritage, and showcases winners of the 2024 California State Cannabis Awards. Let’s delve into the backstory of this development and what attendees can expect at the fair this year.

A new era begins: cannabis at the California State Fair

In 2022, the California State Fair debuted an exhibit and awards program dedicated to the cannabis plant. Fast forward to 2024, and the fair is expanding its cannabis offerings again. This year visitors aged 21 and older can use interactive QR codes next to displays of award-winning cannabis items to add products to their online shopping carts. Next, these purchases can be finalized at a dispensary located conveniently just outside the exhibit hall.  For those looking to enjoy their purchases, an outdoor “Oasis” steps away provides a relaxing escape from the Sacramento heat.

Embracing de-stigmatization and cultivating connection

Lauren Carpenter, co-founder of Embarc and the fair’s partner in this initiative, underscores the significance of integrating cannabis into the fair experience: “Hosting cannabis sales and consumption marks a pivotal step in destigmatization, fostering deeper connections between consumers and the dedicated farmers who cultivate these products with meticulous care.” This progressive approach aims to enhance public understanding and appreciation for the cannabis industry’s integral role in California’s agricultural landscape.

Celebrating excellence: the 2024 California State Cannabis Awards

The highly anticipated 2024 California State Cannabis Awards will also be announced at the fair. Similar to the traditional canning and baking competition at the state fair, these awards are a way for California cultivators and manufacturers to show off their skills and earn recognition in the cannabis industry. This year outstanding products across categories such as sun-grown, mixed-light, indoor flowers, edibles, pre-rolls and concentrates will all receive awards. Adding to the excitement is the presentation of the prestigious “Best of California” Golden Bear awards during a grand ceremony on July 27, resembling the glamour of an Oscar-style event.

Embracing progress and celebration

The addition of cannabis at the 2024 California State Fair is a major milestone in its evolution. It celebrates California’s diverse agricultural products, including cannabis, and lets attendees explore, learn, and engage with the cannabis industry. Like deep fried Oreos, cannabis could become a staple at the fair, showing its lasting presence in California.

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