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Deepfakes and the Legal Avenues to Combat Them

Deepfakes — sophisticated AI-generated videos capable of seamlessly grafting a person’s face and voice onto another body — are stark examples of the challenges faced with AI technologies. Deepfakes are hyper-realistic fabrications that blur the lines between truth and fiction, presenting a formidable threat in the realm of misinformation. Deepfakes also have political implications, painting

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BREAKING NEWS: The FTC Bans Employee Noncompete Agreements

On April 23, 2023, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a final rule banning noncompete agreements under sections 5 and 6(g) of the FTC Act. The ban applies to noncompetes in the employment context and does not necessarily apply to business-to-business noncompete agreements. This banning of non-compete agreements has left many employers wondering what this

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Welcome to the Jungle: The Rise of the Paper Tiger and Aggressive Litigation Tactics

Lawyers Are Becoming Less Civil In the world of litigation, the rise of what I’ve come to call the “paper tiger” has become increasingly prevalent. California Rule of Court 9.7 requires all attorneys to conduct themselves with dignity, courtesy, and integrity, and most states have similar ethical standards in place. The American Bar Association’s Model

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Why Mexico for Indian Companies

Mexico for Indian Companies With a rapidly growing middle class, a dynamic business environment, and strong governmental support for overseas ventures, Indian companies are well-positioned to tap into international markets. Based on our firm’s collaboration with partner law firms in Mexico and my observations and conversations with entrepreneurs and lawyers on my recent trip to

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Where to buy a home in Europe: Does any place have it all?

This is the second post in Harris Sliwoski’s online series where Shannon Brandao will guide you through the practical, legal and personal considerations of purchasing a home in Europe. See the first post here: Where can YOU buy a home in Europe? Well, that depends . . . In the first post of this series,

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United States Naturalization Interview Civics Test: How to Conquer Your Fears and Ace the Exam

The Naturalization Interview Civics Test As an immigration attorney, I’ve witnessed countless clients embark on the long and enriching journey towards U.S. citizenship. From wide-eyed F-1 students to seasoned professionals and jet setting executives, their paths are as diverse as their countries of origin. Yet, there’s one hurdle that consistently throws a curveball – the

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How AI is Revolutionizing the Practice of Law

Artificial Intelligence and the Law Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents attorneys with an opportunity to evolve as legal practitioners, to increase efficiency, to expand abilities, and to transform the delivery of legal services—making them faster and more cost effective for clients. That is of course, if you can master the technology and learn how to

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Essential Strategies for Business Litigation Success

Business Litigation Strategies Business litigation is like a high-stakes chess game. Success hinges on your ability to make quick decisions, thoroughly evaluate the case, and adapt your strategy on the fly. This blog post will equip you, the attorney, with the essential tools to navigate the complexities of business litigation and achieve optimal results for

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Launching Your Startup – An Introductory Guide

Navigating The Startup Landscape As an attorney who focuses on business and intellectual property (IP), I have had the opportunity to work with many startups that were seeking to bring their ideas to the world. Moving from an idea to a finished product can be a daunting prospect for any startup, however, it doesn’t have