Nadja Vietz

Nadja focuses on assisting American and European companies in their foreign direct investments into Spain and Germany and on assisting European companies with their foreign direct investment into the United States.

U.S. Estate Planning and Law for International Families

U.S. Estate Planning and Law for International Families

Thanks to globalization, many of us have family all over the world. If you live outside the U.S., but have relatives in the U.S., you may someday find that you have been named a beneficiary of a will governed by U.S. law. You might also find that even though your recently departed relative lived outside

How to Set Up a Spain Company FAST

How to Set Up a Spain Company FAST

We talked here about the pros and cons of setting up a Spanish subsidiary instead of just opening a branch office. Once you have made up your mind to form a subsidiary in Spain to run your local activities, you might find you need to get that project started faster than you predicted. Your new

Spain Branch Office or Subsidiary

Spain Branch Office or Subsidiary?

You’ve taken the first steps in expanding your business into Spain, perhaps by forming distributor relations. Now, you’re ready to put down deeper roots by renting office space and hiring staff. With these pieces in place you will be considered a “permanent establishment,” and it’s time to go beyond simply registering your foreign business. Foreign

Spain for digital nomads and entrepreneurs

Spain for Digital Nomads and Entrepreneurs

Spain has enacted various laws to bring in talented people who want to start a business or invest in Spain. Spain now allows foreign investors and skilled individuals to apply for extended visas. Most importantly for our firm’s clients, Spain now has loosened up its visa and tax policies for foreign entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

Spain Trade Secret Law

Spain Trade Secret Law

Trade secrets became explicitly protected under Spanish national law when EU Directive (2016/943/EU) became part of Spain law in 2019. A trade secret in Spain is now defined as secret information, unknown to those who usually handle such kinds of information and not readily accessible. This information also must have commercial value precisely because it

Recognition of Foreign Judgments in US Courts

Recognition of Foreign Judgments in United States Courts

This post is on the recognition of foreign judgments in United States Courts. More particularly, it is on the law U.S. courts look to when deciding whether to enforce a foreign court judgment, the foreign judgments they will enforce, and the procedures they use to determine whether to enforce. Winning a foreign lawsuit is one

A Legal Primer on Doing Business in the United States

Doing Business in the United States: The Laws You Should Know

As the country with the world’s largest economy, the United States offers some of the best business opportunities in the world. However, the US legal system can also pose complex regulatory hurdles for foreign enterprises. Navigating these legal intricacies is crucial for foreign companies seeking to minimize risk and operate successfully in the expansive US commercial

Spain's real estate market

Spain Real Estate: Now is the Time

As we move into what some are calling the late pandemic phase, now is the time to invest in Spain real estate. Earlier this year I wrote about buying property in Spain, concluding that although it’s a great time to acquire vacation property (or a primary residence) in Spain, purchasers should be certain they thoroughly

What to Know if You’re Thinking About Buying Property in Spain

Seven Tips for Buying Real Estate in Spain

By Steven Rudmann + Nadja Vietz It is a great time to acquire vacation property in Spain, but important to thoroughly understand the legal and tax implications. In early 2020, market prices for vacation properties in Spain were rising, as they steadily had been since 2015. Then in March, COVID-19 hit the country hard. A long lockdown followed,

Will Your U.S. Judgment Be Enforced Abroad?

Will Your U.S. Judgment Be Enforced Abroad?

My law firm is frequently contacted by U.S. lawyers with judgments they are seeking to enforce overseas. The lawyer is seeking our assistance to enforce its U.S. court judgment against a foreign company that did business with the lawyer’s U.S.-based client. The procedural history is nearly always the same. The litigator served the defendant and,