On September 18, 2023, Jonathan Bench (partner at Harris Sliwoski) and Mike Criddle (partner at Eide Bailly) spoke at World Trade Center Utah‘s headquarters and laid out a roadmap for building robust international sales while ensuring security and legal and tax compliance. For those unable to attend in person, you can now watch the replay on YouTube.

Jonathan discussed:

  • Why so much global business centers around China.
  • China’s recent rise as a global superpower and its current downward economic trajectory.
  • The complexity, employment environment, and overall cost rankings for common international expansion destinations (Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia, Singapore, and Mexico).
  • Various market entry methods, ranked by capital investment, risk, control, and ease of exit.
  • Choice of law (common law vs. civil law countries) and its impact on deal structures.
  • Dispute resolution (litigation vs. arbitration).
  • Due diligence and IP registration.

Mike discussed:

  • Common international expansion destinations (Canada, EU, UK, Australia, and China).
  • Common types of international sales methods (tangible products, digital products, licenses, and services).
  • Consumer taxes (sales tax, GST & HST, VAT, and use tax).
  • Permanent establishment issues (agency relationships, employees, physical presence limitations, and the interplay of international treaties).
  • Income tax based on entity type (foreign branch, joint venture, disregarded entity, partnership, or subsidiary).

We hope you enjoy this recording. If you have any questions or topics you’d like covered in future discussions or blog posts, please write us at marketing@harris-sliwoski.com and we’ll try to address your questions on this blog or in future webinars.