Harris Sliwoski lawyers Mason Marks and Vince Sliwoski teamed up with Angela Allbee of the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) for an hour webinar. Angela, Mason and Vince discuss updates on OHA rulemaking, policy, and licensing, as well as business issues for Oregon’s imminent psilocybin program. Angela Allbee is the Psilocybin Services Center Manager at OHA and serves as Ex-Officio Director of the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board (“Board”). Angela has helped shape legislative policy in Oregon for nearly a decade. She discusses the structure of Measure 109, the current status and process of rulemaking, and additional considerations for potential licensees. Dr. Mason Marks is of counsel at Harris Sliwoski. Mason chaired the Licensing Subcommittee as a governor appointed member of the Board. He also founded the Project on Psychedelics Law and Regulation at the Petrie-Flom Center at Harvard Law School, and he advises on psilocybin legalization and decriminalization efforts around the country. Mason discusses recommendations made by the Board, and the direction of the Oregon program. Vince Sliwoski is a seasoned business and commercial real estate attorney in Harris Sliwoski’s Portland office, and editor and publisher of the firm’s Psychedelics Law Blog. Vince represents numerous clients in the psychedelics industry and is helping prepare clients for Measure 109 licensing. He moderates the panel and discusses business and licensing issues in the Oregon psilocybin program.

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