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Psychedelics Benefit Companies

The psychedelics movement has a benevolent streak, which may create an influx of benefit companies in the regulated space. In Oregon, the state will regulate the actual practice of medicine out of the program, but many industry operators — manufacturers, service centers and facilitators — are interested in health aspects of psilocybin use nonetheless. Others

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Starting a Psilocybin Business: Write It Down

It’s important for a psilocybin business to operate with written agreements, well ahead of licensure. This post explains why. Statutes and common law are “one size fits all” In Oregon, as in all 50 states, companies are subject to statutes that govern their members, managers, shareholders, directors and officers. The statutes are back-filled by common

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Psilocybin Fundraising: Five Tips on Approaching Investors

Businesses and individuals will begin applying for Oregon Health Authority (OHA) psilocybin licenses in two short months. We have been helping people form businesses and raise funds in anticipation of the new program. In some deals we represent the investors; in others we represent the business. This blog post will cover five important considerations for

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Psychedelics Webinar Recap

Last week, we presented a psychedelics webinar entitled “How to Protect Your Psychedelics Business.” The panelists were Paul Coble from our Phoenix office), me (Griffen Thorne from our Los Angeles office), and Graham Pechenik of Calyx Law in San Francisco. In the webinar, we presented on business law and intellectual property issues that will affect

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Will Colorado Be the Second State to Legalize Psychedelics?

Next month, Colorado voters will decide the fate of Proposition 122, named the Natural Medicine Health Act of 2022 (NMHA). If passed, NHMA would legalize a host of psychedelics in Colorado. Today, we’ll look at what NMHA would do. Natural Medicine Health Act of 2022 NMHA is modeled on – or at least influenced by

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Can Non-Oregon Residents Get Psilocybin Licenses?

Our psychedelics team routinely fields questions from non-Oregon residents looking for Oregon psilocybin licenses. However, one of Measure 109‘s more infamous requirements is its residency requirement. These provisions require that, until January 1, 2025, manufacturing facilities and service centers must have majority ownership by individual(s) who have resided in Oregon for at least two years.

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Washington Psilocybin Update

In March of this year, the Washington State Legislature passed Senate Bill 5693. Section 211, subpart 99 of this bill directs the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) to create a psilocybin work group to assess the feasibility of bills like Senate Bill 5660 (see our initial take on that one here). In particular, the

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Oregon Proposed Psilocybin Rules: Tracking, Advertising, Prohibited Conduct

This is the sixth and final installment in my write-up of the proposed Oregon psilocybin program rules. This post will cover product transportation and tracking, advertising, prohibited conduct, and penalties. I’ll skip waste management. As with earlier installments in this series (linked below), this post will highlight key areas and skip or skim less prominent

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Oregon Proposed Psilocybin Rules: Facilitators, Sessions and Dosing

Welcome to the penultimate installment in my write-up of the proposed Oregon psilocybin program rules. This post focuses on facilitators and related client matters. It does not canvass the already-adopted rules related to facilitator licensing, which we covered back in April. As with earlier installments in this series (see links below), this post will highlight

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Oregon Proposed Psilocybin Rules: Service Centers

Welcome to the fourth installment in my write-up of the proposed Oregon psilocybin program rules. I’m jumping in midstream from where I left off last week. See links at the bottom of this blog post. Similar to those installments, I will highlight the major areas today, and skip or skim less prominent stuff. This post