January 12 – Legal and Regulatory Landscape for Psychedelics

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Harris Sliwoski attorneys, Paul Coble, Griffen Thorne, and Vincent Sliwoski, will be presenting on the “Legal and Regulatory Landscape for Psychedelics” in the following CLE webinar on January 12th, 2023, hosted by The Seminar Group.

“This program will provide an overview of emerging drug therapies, including psilocybin, ketamine infusion clinics, MDMA and other psychedelic substances. Our panel of experts will address the results of recent elections and other developments related to psychedelic drugs and new drug therapies. We will look at the process and results for Measure 109 (psilocybin licensing) and Measure 110 (controlled substance decriminalization) in Oregon, as well as future efforts to decriminalize, protect and regulate psychedelic drug use.

As the legal and regulatory frameworks of these industries begin to solidify, new opportunities are emerging for the commercialization and research of new drug therapies and alternative medicine. If you have an interest in the law of psychedelics, you don’t want to miss this review of the rapidly evolving laws and regulations in the industry.”

Griffen Thorne

Program Chair

Federal Regulation and State Law Roundup

  • Status of psilocybin and other psychedelics under federal law
  • Lessons learned from federal cannabis laws, including taxation, banking, real estate, intellectual property, and federal illegality issues

Vincent Sliwoski

Kickoff of Oregon Measure 109

  • How we got here – M 109 overview
  • Adopted final OHA rules highlights
  • Local jurisdiction opt-in and opt-out results, and any pending local issues
  • Business and legal challenges for licensed psilocybin businesses
  • Possibility of legislative session changes to the OHA program
  • Timeline forecasts for OHA license grants

Paul Coble

Protecting Intellectual Property

  • Patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets in the psychedelics industry
  • IP litigation and how to avoid it
  • IP valuation and due diligence


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