Griffen Thorne, Partner

Griffen Thorne

California is a tough place to do business. Griffen makes it much easier. Businesses routinely look to Griffen to negotiate and close a variety of challenging corporate transactions. His goal is to find the simplest and most cost-effective solution to client problems in complex and often highly regulated transactions. His past experience as a high-stakes IP and commercial litigator allows him to easily diagnose potential cost and liability exposures while negotiating transactions.

Griffen is a broad-based corporate attorney. He negotiates and closes business, asset, and property purchases on behalf of both buyers and sellers. He represents borrowers, lenders, and investors in equity and debt finance transactions, and lessors and lessees in commercial leases. He serves as outside general counsel for corporate clients, assisting with entity formation, corporate governance, general commercial transactions, intellectual property licensing, and more.

Many of his clients operate in highly regulated industries, and include physicians, healthcare businesses, cannabis and hemp businesses, and emerging psychedelics businesses. Griffen has helped close to a hundred companies secure hard-fought licenses across the state of California. Griffen was one of the leading executive committee members of the first section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Cannabis Section, writes weekly for the Canna Law Blog and Psychedelics Law Blog, writes regularly for outside publications, speaks on and leads panels, and has been interviewed for cannabis legal analysis by ViceReasonTV, The AtlanticMarketWatchBloomberg Law, and Law360.

Before beginning his legal career, Griffen studied music at the University of California, Berkeley, and still plays electric guitar in his spare time. He studied law at Loyola University of Chicago, where he was the Editor-in-Chief of the Loyola University Chicago Law Journal and graduated third in his class of 250 students.

In his free time, Griffen enjoys spending time with his two daughters, his wife, and their dog, traveling, studying languages, and volunteering at his local synagogue.

What clients have to say about Griffen

“Griffen Thorne was invaluable in helping us navigate a real estate transaction that involved a tenant operating a cannabis business. Griffen was able to get up to speed quickly and efficiently on our matter, identifying the relevant regulatory considerations and distilling them down into practical implications for our business. Griffen was professional and left us feeling extremely confident in the representation.” 

– Clayton Collett, Development Director | Orange Barrel Media  

“Griffen Thorne at Harris Sliwoski was invaluable in helping us through a difficult time with our business. Griffen had the unique expertise to resolve the issues effectively and positively when we were dealing with our Tenants licensing and lease agreement issues. He walked us through the process, made it easy for us to understand our options, and answered all our questions, no matter how trivial (even on the weekend!). Now that our legal issues have been resolved, we can focus on growing our business again. Thank you Griffen for your help.”

 –M.David Torosian, CPA, JD

“Griffen Thorne was invaluable in helping us through a difficult time with our business. When we were dealing with all licensing and compliance issues, he had the unique expertise to resolve all issues.  He walked us through the process and made it easy for us to understand our options. Griffen answered our questions, no matter how trivial (even on the weekend!). Now that our legal issues have been resolved, we can get back to focusing on growing our business again.  

 Griffen held our hands through a two year journey that we would have never gotten over the goal line without him.   We are fully licensed, operational and Griffen and his colleagues will be our intellectual partners forever.”  

– Sandy and Josh Wax | JOSHWAX 

“I am impressed with this law firm. They answered all my questions regarding cannabis businesses and the California framework and they have helped me with a variety of legal issues in a timely fashion, while always clearly communicating with us throughout the process. They also redirected me to other quality people for my business needs. Everyone I worked with at Harris Sliwoski is an expert in their field, and I was in good hands throughout my legal representation.”

 –  Corey T., CEO | Thinc Cubed, LLC 

“You won’t find a better partner than Harris Sliwoski when trying to navigate the complex world of healthcare regulations.  They not only give sound and reliable legal advice, but are also very responsive and are able to guide you in a way that helps you reach your business objectives as well.” 

–  Joseph Axelrod, General Counsel | Irwin Naturals 


“Harris Sliwoski has been an amazing resource for our company as we navigated entering the Hemp CBD market. We had our website and content reviewed, and they assisted in the production of our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. The work was thorough, and all of our questions were answered quickly.”

– MaryRuth’s

“California’s passage of Prop 19 and the threat of losing our multigenerational livestock ranch to property taxes, I was looking for more income. I decided to go with leases to a cannabis company. I have a local law office to handle more routine matters but choose Harris Sliwoski to work with as I wanted someone who specialized in the rapidly changing rules of Cannabis contracts. I enjoyed working with Griffen Thorne. When documents needed to be completed rapidly before a county rules change Griffen Thorne gave it immediate attention and even worked into evening on contracts.”

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Severance agreements do not create new debt and are valid under the Park District Code, 59 TRIAL BRIEFS (ISBA, Chicago, Ill.), May 2014, at 1 (co-written with The Honorable Russell W. Hartigan)

Illinois court finds default judgment proper only after notice and repeated failure to comply, 59 TRIAL BRIEFS (ISBA, Chicago, Ill.), May 2014, at 6 (co-written with The Honorable Russell W. Hartigan)

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Top 200 Global Psychedelic Lawyers and Policy & Regulatory Experts (2023 – 2nd edition)

Rising Star” lawyer, Super Lawyers, 2023.

Top 200 Global Psychedelic Lawyers and Policy & Regulatory Experts (2022-2023)

Rising Star” lawyer, Super Lawyers (2022)

Top 200 Global Psychedelic Lawyers and Policy & Regulatory Experts (2021-2022)

“Rising Star” lawyer, Super Lawyers (2021)

Loyola University Chicago School of Law:

  • Graduated magna cum laude
  • CALI Awards for Highest Grades in Administrative Law, Advanced
  • Torts, Advocacy, Criminal Procedure II, Environmental Law, and Evidence
  • Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society
  • Dean’s List All Semesters

Los Angeles County Bar Association – Cannabis Law and Healthcare Law Sections

Former Professional Member (2018-2020), International Association of Privacy Professionals

Vice-Chair of Membership, Los Angeles County Bar Association (2019-2021)

Associate Attorney, Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP (2015–2018)

Certified Information Privacy Professional, United States and Europe (inactive)

Member of Board of Directors and Committee Co-Chair, Temple Beth Israel of Highland Park and Eagle Rock (2020-2021)

Mergers and Acquisitions

Represented individuals in acquisition of cannabis cultivation facility in Orange County, California.

Represented buyer in negotiation and closing of acquisitions of licenses and other operating assets of cannabis wholesaler and three cannabis retailers in various jurisdictions in Oregon.

Represented Los Angeles cannabis retailer in Los Angeles in negotiation of acquisition by third party.

Represented purchaser of cannabis cultivator in Lake County, California.

Represented seller in drafting, negotiating, and closing the sale of affiliated cannabis distributor and manufacturer in Riverside County, CA.

Represented buyer in negotiation and execution of purchase agreement for cannabis cultivator in Riverside County, CA.

Represented buyer in drafting purchase agreement for healthcare facility in Florida.

Represented buyer in drafting and negotiation of purchase agreement for cannabis cultivator in Santa Cruz County, California.

Represented transferee of interest in cannabis Orange County, California to former owners.

Real Estate

Represented developer in partnership for acquisition and development of apartments in Brooklyn, New York.

Represented lessor in drafting and negotiating lease for high-end chocolate retailer in Los Angeles County, California.

Represented tenant in drafting and negotiating lease of commercial property for cannabis distribution and manufacturing in Riverside County, California.

Represented buyer of commercial property for office use in Marin County, California.

Represented client in acquisition of real property for lease to cannabis retailer in San Diego County, California.

Represented lessor of commercial property for lease to cannabis producer and processor in Jackson County, OR.

Represented lessor in negotiation of lease of large commercial property for multi-use cannabis operations in Los Angeles County, California.

Represented lessor in negotiating and drafting options to lease and lease agreements for eight parcels of unimproved property in Sonoma County, California.

Represented affiliates of lessor of commercial property for cannabis consumption lounge in Los Angeles County, California.

Represented tenant in negotiation of commercial lease for office space in Portland, OR.

Represented buyer in sale-lease-back to cannabis facility in Imperial County, CA.

Represented client in drafting lease for outdoor event area for hosting concerts and other events in Portland, OR.

Represented client in drafting and negotiating commercial lease for multi-use cannabis facility in Riverside County, California.

Represented client in drafting and negotiating lease of unimproved property for development of cannabis cultivation facilities in Richmond County, California.

Finance and Investments

Represented healthcare management services organization in drafting management services and deficit funding loan agreement for healthcare provider in Los Angeles County, California.

Represented lenders in negotiation and drafting convertible promissory notes to California cannabis holding company.

Represented cannabis cultivator in negotiation and execution of secured equipment finance lease in Riverside County, California.

Represented lender in secured loan for construction of tenant improvements on cannabis cultivator in north Los Angeles County, California

Represented lender in secured loan for acquisition and improvement of real property for cannabis business in Maine.

Represented lender in drafting and executing loan for borrower to secure real property in Monterey County, California.

Represented client on investment in Asian cannabis startup, analysis of investment materials, and negotiation of investment agreements.

Represented client in coordination with independent corporate counsel with formation of fund for loaning money cannabis cultivator, including drafting parts of fund partnership agreement, PPM, loan agreements with cannabis business, and real property lease in Los Angeles County, California.

Represented affiliated cannabis businesses in capital raise through convertible note to fund construction of tenant improvements in Los Angeles County, California.

Performed diligence review of potential investment transaction into statewide cannabis operator in California for foreign clients.

Commercial and Technology Transactions

Represented property licensing technology platform in drafting CCPA privacy policy and platform terms and conditions.

Represented technology company in drafting agreements for advertising pilot program.

Represented athlete in negotiation and drafting of NFT development agreement.

Represented fitness app company in drafting GDPR privacy policy and app terms and conditions.

Represented cannabis business in intellectual property license from rapper to develop brand and marketing efforts.

Represented cannabis cultivator and negotiated a cannabis supply agreement for more than 100,000 pounds of raw cannabis plant material in California.

Represented music festival host in drafting privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Represented cannabis business in drafting and negotiating series of distribution, manufacture, and cannabis inventory purchase agreements in California.

Regulatory and Licensing

Represented healthcare provider in drafting practice policies and procedures and provider agreements.

Represented clients in negotiating tax payment plans with the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration and City of Los Angeles.

Represented client in drafting cannabis application in highly competitive Northern California application process, securing 100% score on written application.

Represented public company in formulating regulatory and M&A strategy for acquisitions of or partnerships with healthcare facilities in multiple U.S. states.

Represented client in securing suite of retail and non-retail cannabis licenses in San Diego County, California.

Represented client in securing new state cannabis distribution license for company after non-renewal by cannabis agency of original license due to purported regulatory deficiencies in Los Angeles County, California.

Represented client in obtaining state and local licenses after acquiring partially licensed business and addressing undisclosed liabilities following acquisition in Los Angeles County, California.

  • Loyola University Chicago School of Law (J.D. magna cum laude)
  • University of California, Berkeley (B.A.)
  • The State Bar of California
  • Washington State Bar Association
  • German
  • Hebrew (Basic)