China Contracts with Hong Kong Jurisdiction: No, No, No

Hong Kong courts are world class and most companies would rather have their disputes against their Mainland China counter-parties resolved in Hong Kong instead of in Wuxi or Harbin. Hong Kong as jurisdiction of choice is alluring. But for all sorts of reasons, it’s a trap. Let me explain. In 2008, China and Hong Kong

CHina Cyber Law

China Establishes a Cyber-Court

China has adopted a plan to establish a cyberspace court in Hangzhou. The plan is for this court to accept filings electronically, try cases via livestream and hear only e-commerce and Internet related cases. Why Hangzhou? Under Chinese civil procedure law, lawsuits must be brought in the place of the defendant’s domicile. For companies, domicile

International litigation and debt collection

Suing Chinese Companies and Citizens in the United States and Canada

A German lawyer, representing a German company owed lots of money by a Chinese citizen, wrote me last week to discuss retaining my law firm to help the company collect on its debt by seizing U.S and Canada real property held by the Chinese citizen. This lawyer was coming to me because he had liked

Bad China WFOE

U.S. Imports: Know Your Risks

Every year U.S. producers file 10-15 petitions asking the U.S. government to investigate whether certain products imported into the US are sold at unfair prices (antidumping or AD) or are unfairly subsidized (countervailing duty or CVD). Odds are good that at least two new AD/CVD petitions will be filed by Halloween and as many as

China lawyers for counterfeits

Using Section 337 Cases to Block Counterfeit Products from Entering the United States

With Amazon and Ebay having increased their efforts at bringing in Chinese sellers and with Chinese manufacturers branching out and making their own products, the number of companies contacting our international intellectual property lawyers about problems with counterfeit products and knockoffs has soared. If the problem involves infringing products being imported into the United States,

Enforcing a judgment in China

Enforcing US Judgments in China

At least once a month, one of our international litigation lawyers will get a call or an email from a U.S. lawyer seeking our help in taking a U.S. judgment (usually a default judgment) to China to enforce. The thinking of the U.S. lawyer is that all we need to do is go to a


Chinese Arbitration: A Guide for Foreign Companies

China Arbitration Clauses Chinese companies frequently require contract disputes be resolved through arbitration, often designating CIETAC in China as the arbitral institution. Many foreign companies are apprehensive about the fairness of arbitration in China. However, it’s important to understand Chinese arbitrators weigh both legal correctness and ethical equities when making decisions. This post discusses why

China corporate litigation

How to Fight Back Against China IP Infringement

My law firm’s international intellectual property lawyers are always helping companies that need help dealing with IP infringement in China. As a first step, we analyze the situation and propose a course of action. The following is an amalgamation of memoranda, done to convey both what goes on out there and how to deal with