Moving your manufacturing from China to Mexico

Mexico’s Election and Business Future

Mexico’s Business Future Under President Sheinbaum Mexico has ushered in a new era with the inauguration of Claudia Sheinbaum as the country’s first female president. I am optimistic about Mexico’s prospects for continued economic growth and increased foreign investment under President Sheinbaum. My clients keep asking what they should expect from her presidency. In this

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The Essential List for Taking Your Company Overseas

Doing Business Overseas We international lawyers often get inquiries from companies eager to establish a subsidiary or other entity abroad. This is one of the most exciting but daunting prospects for a company more accustomed to domestic laws, regulations, financiers, and business partners. In this post, I will briefly look at the key things to

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Mentoring the Next Generation of China Experts

A successful friend once encouraged me to reach out and connect with successful people who are doing what I want to be doing. He said that when many people reach the pinnacle of their careers, they want to help the next generation of promising leaders. That advice stuck with me, mainly because I tested that

China's new Company Laws

Understanding the China Company Law Amendments that Matter to Foreign Businesses

China’s Amended Company Law Becomes Effective on July 1 China’s amended Company Law takes effect on July 1, 2024. Many companies have not considered the significant revisions that have been made and how they can and will affect companies that are doing business in China. Companies with legacy entities in China that have not reviewed

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Rising Tensions, Rising Restrictions: A Look at State Efforts to Limit Foreign Land Ownership

A Growing Trend with Political and Discriminatory Undercurrents More than two-thirds of U.S. states have either enacted or are considering laws limiting foreign ownership of land. Though these restrictions often encompass multiple countries deemed hostile to U.S. interests, China is almost invariably the primary target.  Proponents of land purchase restrictions argue that the federal government

Shutting down a China WFOE

The 101 on Shutting Down Your China WFOE vs. Putting it Into “Hibernation”

Closing Down Your China WFOE Thinking of pulling the plug on your WFOE? For many foreign companies, the initial excitement of doing business in China has given way to the complexities of navigating complex and ever-growing regulations and a faltering economy. If you’ve decided it’s time to close your WFOE, don’t make the costly mistake

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CFIUS Reporting Requirements for Non-U.S. Investors

CFIUS Reporting Requirements The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) is an interagency committee that reviews certain transactions involving foreign investment in the United States. Its role is to identify and address any national security risks that could arise from these potential investments. With increasing global tensions over technological competition and supply

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Pick India over China: Lessons from India’s Consul General

Pivoting from China to India Recently, India’s Consul General K. Srikar Reddy met with a group of business leaders in Salt Lake City, Utah at World Trade Center Utah to discuss increasing business relationships between Utah and India. Mr. Reddy is based in San Francisco and covers the western US. He was previously posted in

Hong Kong is slipping

Hong Kong Update: Legal Developments Aplenty

2024 Hong Kong Legal Developments Article 23 and Its Implications Hong Kong is having a busy 2024 when it comes to legal developments. The city is getting ready to adopt national security legislation, separate from the National Security Law imposed by China in 2020. According to a public consultation document issued by the region’s Security