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Oregon Cannabis: Social Equity and “Qualified Applicants”

Who is a “qualified applicant” under Oregon’s new marijuana license reassignment program? First, some context. House Bill 4016, which introduced the reassignment concept, represents a sea change for Oregon’s licensed marijuana industry. The bill presently awaits signature by the Governor, and no one is betting it won’t become law. Our take on all of Oregon’s

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Oregon County Hemp Moratoriums

On March 7, Oregon law makers passed Senate Bill 1564 (SB 1564) which empowers counties to impose hemp moratoriums within their jurisdictions. To impose a hemp moratorium, a county must simply declare a state of emergency related to cannabis and notify the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) of the declaration and request that the ODA

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California Might Legalize Interstate Cannabis Sales

A few weeks ago, California lawmakers quietly introduced SB-1326, a bill that would amend the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) to legalize interstate cannabis sales, notwithstanding the status of federal law. Specifically, SB-1326 would authorize the Governor to enter into an agreement with other states authorizing medicinal or adult-use commercial cannabis


Oregon’s New Cannabis Laws: 2022 Edition

The 2022 Oregon legislative session was huge for Oregon cannabis. It adjourned sine die on Friday, March 4. We’ve been writing about it all the while, and you can find previous coverage in the links at the bottom of this blog post. Today I’ll cover the four marquee pieces of new legislation and talk about

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No New Cannabis Licenses: Oregon Pulls the Plug

The Oregon Senate passed HB 4016 yesterday afternoon, enacting a sweeping moratorium on new cannabis licenses in the state. The law will take effect on an “emergency” basis following Governor Brown’s signature, or 30 days from now if she doesn’t veto (and she won’t). Industry got what it wanted here; the walls are going up. HB 4016

Oregon Cannabis: Beware the Services Agreement

Services agreements are a problem in the Oregon cannabis industry. These agreements have been around since at least 2016, when our office and at least one other law firm developed early templates in consultation with the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (“OLCC”). That form was called a “management agreement” and you will see them referred

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Hemp Litigation and the Plant Variety Protection Act

Last week, Phylos Bioscience filed a federal court complaint against Silver Lion Farms in the District of Oregon. The complaint details that Phylos and Silver Lion had entered into a Letter of Engagement for Silver Lion to  purchase $2,954,250 worth of hemp seeds of two different varieties – 14,625,000 of AutoCBD seeds and 8,775,000 of

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Update: Proposed Oregon Cannabis License Moratoria

Earlier this week, I canvassed the key cannabis bills enrolled at the outset of the Oregon legislative session. I mentioned that HB 4016 was sucking up all of the oxygen due to its Oregon cannabis license moratoria, including the retroactive moratorium on new producer applications effective January 1, 2022. That retroactivity concept came out of

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Oregon Hemp/CBD: Federal Court Allows Biomass Business Litigation to Proceed

The litigation fallout from the hemp rush continues to wind its way through state and federal courts. Just a few years ago everyone and their brother was hot on hemp. Investment capital flooded into Oregon and other states and the industry was awash in new Hemp/CBD farming, processing, manufacturing, and retail businesses. The sheen has

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Oregon Cannabis 2022: Legislative Forecast and Report

The 2022 Oregon legislative session kicks off today. It’s a short session this year, with fewer cannabis bills than usual crowding the docket. In 2021, for example, we had 28 enrolled bills to start; eventually, 10 became law. This year we start with only five enrolled bills. Those five submissions overlap in some cases, but