Grading the Presidential Candidates on Cannabis: Donald Trump

Throughout the course of both of his initial candidacy and eventual presidency, the businessman-turned-reality TV star-turned-President and Republican frontrunner for the 2024 election, Donald Trump, had a rollercoaster of a political relationship with cannabis reform. From previous supportive comments to appointing people who were perhaps the physical embodiment of the failures of the drug war,


President Biden’s Cannabis Pardons

Similarly to many career politicians who now support criminal justice reform after decades of supporting the most unjust policing and sentencing laws, President Joe Biden has been notably lacking in keeping the pro-cannabis and criminal justice reform promises he ran on in the contentious and chaotic election that was 2020. Along with still referencing the

RFK Jr., a presidential candidate, in a suit and tie standing in front of a sign.

Grading the Presidential Candidates on Cannabis: RFK Jr.

Every election cycle, we grade the many of the presidential candidates based on their track record with cannabis (here’s our summary of 2020’s main candidates). We kicked off 2024 with our analysis of incumbent President Joe Biden (Grade C), and followed up with Republican challenger Ron DeSantis (Grade C+), who recently dropped out of the

nikki haley

Grading the Presidential Candidates on Cannabis: Nikki Haley

Welcome to part three in our series on cannabis and those who wish to lead us. In the first two posts, we covered Joe Biden (we gave him a “C”) and Ron DeSantis (R.I.P.; we gave him a “C+”). Today’s subject is Republican candidate Nikki Haley. She’s still around as of this writing and I’m

Grading the Presidential Candidates on Cannabis: Ron DeSantis

We recently kicked off our series of posts grading the presidential candidates on their cannabis stances (check out the first post, on Joe Biden). Today we turn to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who as of January 8 was a distant second in the race for the nomination to frontrunner Donald Trump. But with Trump facing

gun rights

Cannabis and Gun Rights: Predictions for the Future

Big federal law changes in cannabis regulation are on the horizon. One area where I expect a lot of movement in the coming years is with respect to gun rights. I write on this topic fairly extensively, and you can see my links below. Today I want to talk about what changes I think are

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Grading the Presidential Candidates on Cannabis: Joe Biden

Gentle readers, once again we find ourselves in a Presidential election year. Feel free to join me in tuning out the deluge of reporting and social media as to matters you cannot control in the slightest, and which are mostly negative and discouraging. Except for this blog post, which I promise will be great. In

cannabis business

The Top Four Risks for Cannabis Businesses and Investors in 2024

2024 is going to be a crazy year for cannabis businesses and investors. Among many other things, there will be a general election, possible rescheduling to Schedule III of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), an upcoming Farm Bill that could re-tool how hemp and hemp products are regulated, and maybe even some federal cannabis legislation.

cannabis banking

Cannabis Banking Today

We are helping build out another cannabis banking program here in Oregon. My law firm has done a series of these for credit unions (“CU”s) and other financial institutions (“FIs”) going back to 2014. We have also handled a good bit of hemp banking work– mostly in 2019 and 2020 before that industry cratered. In