New York Announces Cannabis Farmers’ Markets

New York’s Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) announced they plan to allow conditional cultivators and retailers to organize and sell weed at farmers’ markets this summer. Hopefully, these cannabis farmers’ markets could help unclog New York’s legal weed supply chain.

During a meeting with the Cannabis Association of New York, OCM Director of Policy John Kagia told attendees the agency will allow conditional cannabis growers and Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensaries (CAURDs) to team up and sell products at a location other than the retailer’s shop.

Since there are only a handful of legal CAURD dispensaries open at this time, the farmers’ markets will present an opportunity for the cultivators to sell the overwhelming surplus of cannabis that they have been unable to sell through the CAURD dispensaries. Cannabis cultivators possess an estimated excess of millions of dollars worth of product that they need to unload.

“A minimum of three growers and a retailer can organize events where growers can sell flower and prerolls … and do so through a retailer, but at non-storefront locations,” Kagia said.

OCM will likely allow these events to take place anywhere organizers can get municipal approval, Kagia said, and the agency is not setting limits for how many growers can participate in an event. It is anticipated that this pilot program will take at least a month to launch. If successful, the OCM will consider making the pilot program permanent.

It will be interesting what the approval process for such an event would be. Will it be only in municipalities that permit CAURD dispensaries? Will it be municipalities that rejected the CAURD dispensaries, but see the financial boon that they missed out on? Who will be the face of each application and who will be the decision makers for such approval? A lot of questions remain unanswered, but the idea is solid and should aid the cultivators while the CAURD dispensaries are slow to open.

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