Griffen Thorne Presents on International and Domestic Cannabis Issues at GGI North American Regional Conference

This Friday June 23rd, Harris Sliwoski’s Griffen Thorne will present on international and domestic cannabis issues with Dan Rothberg at GGI Global Alliance’s North American Regional Conference in Los Angeles.

Their presentation will give an expert take on these topics:

  • Summary of US federal cannabis (marijuana) laws and impact on state law
  • Summary of US federal hemp laws
  • Ethical issues for lawyers and other professionals
  • Common regulatory disclosure pitfalls
  • Common immigration and naturalization pitfalls
  • Tax concerns and bank account access
  • Finance and M&A transactions
  • IP and cross-border transactions

Why cover international cannabis?

In the last few decades, U.S. states have began to relax or repeal local cannabis prohibitions in spite of federal and international prohibitions. Certain countries, including Canada, have gone further and introduced full-fledged federal regulatory programs. These new markets create numerous opportunities for business and investment, but at a great cost: U.S. federal prohibition, for example, creates tax headaches, immigration and naturalization concerns, and limitations on access to financial institutions.

The presenters will examine the legal and regulatory issues relevant to international and domestic cannabis, including investment red flags, and how licensed professionals can navigate ethical responsibilities. Dan and Griffen will also discuss intellectual property issues relating to cannabis and CBD.

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