Upcoming CLE Webinar on Sustainability in Trademarks

Harris Sliwoski intellectual property attorney Paul Coble and Cantor Colburn partner Michelle P. Ciotola will be presenting “Sustainability in Trademarks” in a CLE webinar on January 31st, 2023, hosted by Strafford.

“This CLE webinar will guide IP counsel on leveraging trademarks to convey sustainability. The panel will discuss the impact on brands and how they message their eco-friendly brands. The panel will offer best practices for brand owners to consider when using marks to communicate the brand’s eco-friendly initiatives.

People are increasingly environmentally conscious and, as a result, companies are seeing consumers wanting and being willing to pay for sustainable goods. It is not surprising that many companies have responded by shifting their focus to providing eco-friendly products. Trademarks play an important role in conveying brand values and sustainability.

For example, Eileen Fisher and Patagonia have led the way in leveraging trademarks to communicate social and environmental commitments. Many other brands are now following their lead. However, there has been little regulation of greenwashed products. There is increased scrutiny of claiming environmental initiatives without actually having such initiatives in place.

Terms and phrases used to describe a brand’s sustainability practices must be chosen carefully. The line between protectable and unprotectable terms is not always clear. These marks play an important part in ensuring that consumers know what they are getting or that the product that they are buying meets certain standards.

Listen as our authoritative panel of IP attorneys examines sustainability in trademarks and the potential pitfalls to avoid. The panel will discuss the impact on brands, how they message, and best practices for brand owners to consider.”

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