How to Use AI in Mergers and Acquisitions

In the span of approximately 12 months, artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly become one of the most consequential technologies in this generation, with ChatGPT leading the way. Join me for an insightful webinar on December 6th, where I will further explore this fascinating topic with intellectual property attorney Paul Coble. As an adjunct to our

Webinar: Generating Value with Generative AI

Free livestream webinar: December 6, 2023 at 10 AM Mountain Generative and non-generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools are changing the way commercial products and services are developed, marketed, and distributed to consumers. But how many companies and projects are adjusting their business practices and legal strategies to account for the unique realities of modern generative

The Ripple Case and tokens as a security

When is a Token a Security? Lessons from the SEC v Ripple Case

With the SEC v. Ripple decision emerging recently, many commentators (see here and here) have focused on the holding of the case, which is the correct place to start. This post focuses on the holding, plus additional matters discussed in the decision and additional insights gleaned from the rest of the decision. Foundational Facts of

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Which Industries Can Benefit From Smart Contracts?

With Web3 on the horizon and digital transformation in the air, blockchain technologies like smart contracts are becoming more common in business processes. Every company should be asking how can you incorporate these technologies into your business model. For context, a smart contract is a self-enforcing piece of code that exists on a blockchain and

Web3 Lawyers

Is Web3 Dead? Not From Where We are Sitting

Even with some high-profile enforcement actions and general mayhem in the blockchain industry (see here and here), many founders continue to build their projects, gain traction in the market, and receive funding. We know this because we speak with many such entrepreneurs every week. Below is an excerpt from an email I recently sent to

What Are Smart Contracts on Blockchain? 

Are Smart Contracts Legal Contracts?

If you have been following the news around Web3 lately, you may have heard of smart contracts. They are used in a wide variety of decentralized digital transactions, including NFT sales, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and decentralized applications (dApps). Because smart contracts can relieve some of the hassle involved with traditional contracts, many businesses are

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What Are Smart Contracts on Blockchain?

If you’ve paid any attention at all to news about Web3, the metaverse, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or cryptocurrency, you’ve probably heard of smart contracts. You’re also probably intrigued by how they work from a legal perspective and what they could mean for the future of your business. Smart contracts are a foundational element of Web3,

Key Terminology for Web3

Today’s internet looks radically different from the static HTML pages of the 1990s, and it’s still evolving. New words like “Metaverse” and “Bitcoin” are now mainstream, and many speculate a new digital revolution is underway. Enter Web 3.0. What Is Web3? Web3 is a decentralized future version of the internet characterized by technology trends like

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A Legal Guide to NFTs

Businesses looking to get into the non-fungible token (NFT) space have a chance to reap some serious profit if they do it right. Rare NFTs can sell for tens of millions of dollars. In 2021, The Merge sold for $91.8 million on Nifty Gateway, making it the most expensive NFT to date. However, due to

Security and Data Protection on Blockchain featuring Jonathan Bench

Harris Sliwoski attorney Jonathan Bench will be attending the Web3 Toronto Summit from March 1-2, 2023, at the Toronto Congress Centre. On Thursday, March 2nd, at 10:00 a.m. EST, Jonathan will be presenting on “Security and Data Protection on Blockchain.” He will be joined by blockchain experts Vandana Taxali (Artcryption) and Harrison Jordan (Harrison Jordan