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Ngosong Fonkem provides companies of all sizes with business-practical representation on all aspects of International Trade Law. His enthusiasm for embracing difficult challenges that others are afraid to take on and his willingness to go where others won’t go has provided him with the opportunity to help his clients navigate unfamiliar business sectors in unfamiliar legal territories.

China tariffs increased

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Trade Representative Releases Four-Year Review of China Tariffs

The United States Trade Representatives (“USTR”) today released its long awaited four-year review of the tariff rates imposed by former President Donald Trump. As was widely expected, the USTR recommended that “products from the PRC currently subject to Section 301 tariffs should remain.” The USTR also proposed increasing tariffs on a targeted range of products

Promotional graphic for the ipba annual meeting and conference in tokyo 2024, featuring symbolic landmarks like tokyo tower and tokyo skytree, with decorative elements and text details.

IPBA 2024 Tokyo – “New World, New Wisdom”

The Inter-Pacific Bar Association (“IPBA”) kicked off its 32nd Annual Meeting and Conference in Tokyo, Japan, last week. This was the first time the meeting has been in Tokyo since its 1991 inaugural year. More than 1400 people from more than eighty countries participated, marking the event’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. It also provided

Cargo Ship

The Red Sea Blockade and Why Political Risk Analysis has Become So Important

Last week, I spoke before a group of CEO members of Vistage Worldwide on geopolitical headwinds in the Middle East and their resulting impact on U.S. business operations. I started by giving a brief overview of the current geopolitical environment for companies that operate internationally, with a particular focus on the Houthis efforts to blockade

Unwinding The Buy America/n Provisions Gordian Knot

Buy America/Buy American Navigating the legal intricacies of government contracting can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to understanding the various statutes governing domestic production and procurement. With the rise of initiatives aimed at bolstering domestic manufacturing and infrastructure, it’s imperative for government contractors to clearly discern the differences and requirements of the

Emerging market risks

Recent Events in Africa as a Guide for Investing in Emerging Markets

Political Risks in Emerging Markets Emerging market countries offer tantalizing rewards. High growth rates, untapped resources, and burgeoning middle classes can make for attractive investments. But amidst this allure lies an unpredictable nemesis: political risk. From the abrupt twists of military coups in West Africa to nationalization policies in Latin America, and from regulatory upheavals

customs trade wisconsin

Foreign Trade Zones for Wisconsin Small Businesses

Though many large Wisconsin corporations have benefitted from Foreign Trade Zone (“FTZ”) tax savings and other benefits programs for decades, many small and medium-size businesses in Wisconsin (“SME”) still don’t know what FTZs are. In fact, of the twenty-four companies that currently operate out of the three FTZ grantees in Wisconsin, none of these companies

An enormous container ship engaged in international trade docked in the ocean.

Shipping Vehicles and The IMDG Code

U.S. shippers of electric and hybrid vehicles that do not understand and abide by their IMDG compliance obligations risk severe consequences. U.S. shippers/exporters of new and used electric and hybrid vehicles face complex compliance issues when shipping aboard oceangoing vessels, not least of which is the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (“IMDG Code”). Sometimes, carriers

export enforcement

Breaking News: U.S. Department of Commerce Assistant Secretary of Export Enforcement Clarifies Its Policy on Voluntary Self-Disclosure and Disclosures Concerning Others

On April 18, 2023, the U.S. Department of Commerce (“DOC”) Assistant Secretary of Export Enforcement released a report clarifying the DOC’s policy on Voluntary Self-Disclosure (“VSD”) and Disclosures Concerning Others (“DCO”).  Addressing first its policy on VSD, the new policy sought to further incentivize the submission of VSDs when industry or academia uncover “significant” possible

IPBA Dubai 2023: One World

IPBA Dubai, Day 1 After a three year Covid-19 induced break, the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (“IPBA”) kicked off its (31st) Annual Meeting and Conference in Dubai today. This was the first IPBA in-person event since the outbreak of the pandemic. Not surprisingly, Day 1 session topics followed and refleced the conference theme, “One World: Law