John DiDominic, Senior International Manufacturing Advisor

John DiDominic

John is Harris Sliwoski’s International Manufacturing Advisor. In this role, he assists our clients with navigating the business side of manufacturing overseas. Above all else, John provides companies with guidance on the best way for them to move forward with their business and product sourcing.

John does this by working with our own in-country advisors and his other connections on the ground in various countries and by constantly going there himself, John helps companies figure out where best to have their products made and then he helps them with setting up their own companies and manufacturing facilities in countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. 

For over 20 years, John has built his career in management consulting.  He spent 8 years in a leadership role at one of Thailand’s premier consulting firms where he advised clients throughout Southeast Asia. He addresses business issues by collaborating with organizations such as AMCHAM, The British Chamber of Commerce, The US Embassy, and several ministries of the various governments with which he works, and has developed a trusted international network of specialized business and manufacturing advisors to help with the practical details of setting up and operating businesses in various countries in Asia.

John has a master’s degree in business administration from Michigan State University and an undergraduate degree in economics from Kalamazoo College.  He has worked for global consulting organizations since 1983, including Accenture, Texas Instruments, and SEAC – Southeast Asia’s leading center for executive leadership, education and innovation.

In his free time, John enjoys travel, foods from around the world, golf, growing his Thai vocabulary, and spending time with his family.

More About John

Regular contributor to the award-winning China Law Blog.

  • Kalamazoo College (B.A.)
  • Michigan State University, Broad College of Business (M.B.A)