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Mexico’s Election and Business Future

Mexico’s Business Future Under President Sheinbaum Mexico has ushered in a new era with the inauguration of Claudia Sheinbaum as the country’s first female president. I am optimistic about Mexico’s prospects for continued economic growth and increased foreign investment under President Sheinbaum. My clients keep asking what they should expect from her presidency. In this

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Chinese Manufacturers Go Abroad: New Business Relationships for a New Era

Last week, I spoke at Brigham Young University’s annual China Conference, which is now in its eighth year under BYU professor Peter Chan. This year the conference’s theme was Peace Together: Continuing a Culture of Collaboration. Professor Chan has become a good friend over the past few years since I started attending the conference. He

China business update 2024.

China Business Update: A Free Webinar on February 14th

Register Here Please join Harris Sliwoski attorneys Jonathan Bench, Dan Harris, and Fred Rocafort on February 14, 2024 for a free webinar on what we see for China’s business environment in 2024, and on what businesses can and should be doing to prepare. Among other things, we will be discussing how the following are likely

Hamas Murderers and Terrorists

Has China Shirked its Obligation to its Citizen Kidnapped by Hamas?

Noa Argamani is one of the hostages seized by Hamas and a video of her abduction has been circulated worldwide. Though Noa grew up in Israel, her mother was born and raised in China. Her parents have embarked on a public relations campaign to highlight Noa’s Chinese background. The family believes that given the long-standing

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China’s Relations With the West: Straight Line Decline

There are those who believe China's ongoing Party Congress will bode well for companies that do business in or with China. I am firmly convinced that the opposite is true and that it will used as yet another opportunity by China to show that it will not be cowered by the declining relations and sanctions/counter-sanctions between the United States / EU / Australia / Japan on the one hand, and China on the other. I see China using this Congress to let the world (domestic and external) know that it fully intends to fight back and fight back hard. In other words, this Party Congress will lead to China's decoupling from much of the world accelerating, not slowing down. 

President Xi and Putin

President Xi Will Hold Onto Power, BUT . . .

At least once a day, someone — usually a client — asks me if President Xi will hold onto power. And every day, I give  a much shorter version of the following half-serious, half-facetious answer: He will hold onto power, but for how long I don’t know. It’s like the stock market. I can right

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President Biden’s Asia Trip and the China Challenge Summit June 9

Recently I was interviewed by Boyd Matheson from KSL Radio on his Inside Sources podcast. We talked about President Biden’s trip to Asia and what he hoped to accomplish there, including the types of signals President Biden would likely convey to his counterparts in South Korea and Japan, and the upcoming China Challenge Summit at