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Three Myths and Three Facts on the HUGE Marijuana Rescheduling Recommendation

Huge news yesterday. Huge! The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has officially recommended that marijuana be rescheduled, from Schedule I to Schedule III of the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA). This means that the country’s top health agency has finally conceded that cannabis has medical value, and isn’t a drug of abuse

What Are Smart Contracts on Blockchain? 

Are Smart Contracts Legal Contracts?

If you have been following the news around Web3 lately, you may have heard of smart contracts. They are used in a wide variety of decentralized digital transactions, including NFT sales, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and decentralized applications (dApps). Because smart contracts can relieve some of the hassle involved with traditional contracts, many businesses are

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Google Changes Its CBD Advertising Policies

Cannabis advertising has always been a precarious art. From first amendment commercial speech issues to zealous state marketing and promotion regulations to false claim lawsuits, cannabis advertising can go down some dark rabbit holes. Notoriously, tech giants like Instagram and Facebook would take down cannabis-related ad content for violating site terms and conditions around the

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Is China the Answer? Nine Years On.

Sometimes, the answer will be yes, sometimes it will be no, and sometimes it will be something in between. For those for whom the answer is yes, the China they encounter (or continue to encounter) is one that is much changed from that of 2013. But many of the fundamentals remain the same. Keeping your nose clean is no guarantee of a smooth ride, but not keeping your nose clean is pretty much a guarantee of trouble. 

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Opposition to Cannabis in Puerto Rico: Uninformed

During a recent interview, Puerto Rico Sen. Joanne Rodríguez Veve (of the conservative Proyecto Dignidad) expressed her misgivings about the legalization of adult-use cannabis. As I have made clear before on this blog, Puerto Rico’s failure to fully legalize cannabis strikes me as dreadfully self-defeating. At a time when the island is in dire need

puerto rico cannabis marijuana
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Cannabis Can Help Puerto Rico’s Economy Recover

Puerto Rico has taken an important step on the road to economic recovery, with the approval by a federal judge of “the largest municipal debt restructuring in U.S. history.” As the island looks for a fresh start, it should adopt a forward-thinking legal framework that allows it to harness the vast economic opportunities presented by

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Despacito: Cannabis Legalization in Puerto Rico Moves, But Slowly

Puerto Rico Representative Héctor Ferrer Santiago plans to introduce a bill this month to decriminalize adult-use cannabis. In addition, he raised the prospect of a separate bill that would “regulate where [cannabis] can be consumed and under which circumstances, as with [tobacco].” Medical cannabis is already legal on the island. This would not be the

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What Señorita Yanyi Tells Us About China

Señorita Yanyi is a popular vlogger who describes herself as a “China Boricua,” that is, a Puerto Rican Chinese. Born in China, her family moved to Puerto Rico when she was a baby. At some point later on she moved to New York. I highly suggest you check out her videos, in which she effortlessly

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British Virgin Islands Cannabis: Trouble in Paradise

According to the UK government, “the BVI [British Virgin Islands] is a separate legal jurisdiction to the United Kingdom and has its own laws.” This being the case, one would think that a medical cannabis bill passed unanimously by the BVI’s legislature would have no problem becoming law. However, the territory’s governor—a British civil servant