Moving your manufacturing from China to Mexico
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Mexico vs. China on Manufacturing Risks

Manufacturing Risks in China vs. Mexico: A Comprehensive Analysis When weighing where to manufacture your products, comparing risks between locations is crucial. China and Mexico both offer advantages, but a deeper analysis reveals clear differences. In this post, I delve into the risks associated with manufacturing in China and Mexico, two of the world’s most

International due diligence checklist
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Navigating China’s Evolving Legal Landscape: A 10-Point Checklist for Foreign Businesses

A China Legal Checklist for Foreign Businesses This post examines ten key legal areas that often present hurdles for foreign companies in China. Most importantly, it provides basic and concrete recommendations on how to deal with China’s legal landscape and avoid costly missteps. Mastering compliance across the following ten critical domains is essential for foreign

International Manufacturing Lawyers and NNN Agreements
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Basic China Manufacturing “Advice”

Got an email this morning from a company asked only “for advice” about importing their specific product from China into the United States and the EU. My response was as follows: My advice is if you are not paying in advance, you do some combination of the following: Chinese Company Reputational Reports: You should have

International Product Liability lawyer
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Reducing Your Product Liability Risks from Overseas Products

Introduction Imagine a child’s toy, gleaming with bright colors and designed for endless hours of fun. A toy which turned out to hold a lurking danger due to poor manufacturing processes. A month after hitting the shelves, there’s a widespread outcry. Parents are furious, the media is ablaze with criticism, and the company responsible faces

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Sinosure’s Country Blacklist

The Hidden Trade Barrier: Sinosure’s Export Credit Insurance Blacklist China’s Sinosure, a major (virtually the only) provider of export credit insurance to China’s factories, plays an instrumental role in facilitating trade between Chinese suppliers and international buyers. However, there’s an under-discussed aspect of their operations that is detrimental for certain countries: the so-called “country blacklist”.

China IP lawyers
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Securing Essential Intellectual Property Rights in China: A Comprehensive Guide

CHINA TRADEMARKS Securing Trademarks in China China’s massive consumer market represents a tremendous opportunity for companies to build their brands. However, substantial risks of trademark squatting, counterfeits and other infringements make registering and protecting your trademarks in China absolutely essential. This in-depth guide provides practical insights on the benefits, process, tips and potential pitfalls of

China Alibaba counterfeit takedown lawyers
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Protecting YOUR Intellectual Property From Alibaba and Other Chinese E-Commerce Sites

It’s no secret that China is the world’s leading source of counterfeit goods. Barely a day goes by without an American or European company contacting one of our intellectual property lawyers to get counterfeit products removed from a Chinese e-commerce site. Even though it may seem there’s no way to protect your brand from counterfeiters

China due diligence review
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Prohibited Party Screening and the Hidden Dangers in China Business Transactions

By Tom McVey & Ngosong Fonkem*  If your company is doing business with a Chinese company, it is essential to be aware of the risks associated with prohibited parties under U.S. export control and sanctions laws. The United States has strict regulations prohibiting U.S. companies from engaging with certain foreign individuals and entities. These include

Mexico is the new China for manufacturing
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Mexican Supply Chain Management: You’re Not in China Anymore

Last year, I asked my good friend Andrew Hupert to explain what it takes to move manufacturing from China to Mexico, in large part by comparing the two countries. I chose Andrew for this near-Herculean task because he has spent so much time in both China and Mexico, navigating their manufacturing systems from the inside. My

Doing business in China
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China’s Relations With the West: Straight Line Decline

There are those who believe China’s ongoing Party Congress will bode well for companies that do business in or with China. I am firmly convinced that the opposite is true and that it will used as yet another opportunity by China to show that it will not be cowered by the declining relations and sanctions/counter-sanctions between the United States / EU / Australia / Japan on the one hand, and China on the other. I see China using this Congress to let the world (domestic and external) know that it fully intends to fight back and fight back hard.

In other words, this Party Congress will lead to China’s decoupling from much of the world accelerating, not slowing down.